The Supreme/Morey Collab.

The Supreme/Morey Collab.

By Dan Dobbin.

Hot of the back of the Hurley performance bodyboard range, Roxy and Valentina aligning themselves together and the Drag Board Co. X Vans partnership ( Read here; comes the collaboration you didn’t know you wanted until the collaboration you didn’t know you wanted did happen.

Eagle eyed boogtectives used their 20/5 eagle vision to spot an upcoming collaboration between iconic fashion/ skate/ lifestyle brand Supreme and the O.G. of boogie building Morey bodyboards.

Straight from the new season Supreme preview lookbook for their upcoming range we learn:

For the past month or so, we’ve been getting some great leaks. Along with the Nike and Jordan collab that was revealed last year, we got word of a Ninja Turtle and Kaws collab along with a Supreme branded mini-fridge”.

“A variety of different pieces will be dropping which range from a Sea-Doo, Mini-Fridge, Kite, Alarm Clock, Bodyboard, Nerf Gun, Rawlings Baseball Bat, and even a Jostens World Famous Championship Ring. If you’ve been collecting or just getting started, Supreme has a lot of different choices for everyone”.

Exciting no?

Wham-O, the giant fun focused corporation that also own iconic brands like Hula hoop, Hacky sack and Super ball has previously collaborate with Supreme before, releasing the “You Still Suck” Frisbee, currently selling for around $165 US dollareedoos.

For those not in the know, Supreme’s business model is to release limited runs of product in the hope of stirring up hype and driving up demand for said product run, so it’s logical to assume there won’t be many Supreme branded boogs available, and they won’t be cheap.

So who might be the target audience for this match made in hip young urban street scene heaven?

We obviously look to the participants in the bodyboarding adjacent sport of bodyboard collecting, which stalks the halls of social media and auction sites across the globe. A rare, limited run of a unique Morey Mach 7 like to this would be a worthy edition to any born again’s 7-7 collection.

With wave pool technology opening up the gates of surf to the Inland masses, ala Melbourne’s URBNSURF, Waco’s BSR garden and Kelly Slater’s wave tub in Lemoore, perhaps a forward thinking cosmopolitan consumer will be tempted to lock in a soon to be envied talking piece for when a short lived “city surfer” fad blows through the ‘burbs in the medium to long term future.

Very exciting times indeed!

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