11 minutes.

Roughly around the time it takes to have a little roll around with the significant other on a good night.

Also the time it took for Old El’ Eppo to offload the 8 limited edition boards shaped in collaboration with Mez, based of his Rheopaipo model from 1994.

During the Instagram live stream that accompanied the website launch of www.epposode.com where the boards could be purchased, everybody’s favourite squeaky voiced Parramatta Eels fan drop some other tasty tidbits that y’all in the boogieverse may find interesting.

Firstly, given the overwhelming success of the venture, he and Mez are already musing about a second run of boards that draw inspiration from the Eppo’s time with Manta, perhaps replicas of his iconic “Gun” and “Pipeline” models. ( Our mole is suggesting a run of 25 of each.)

Secondly, Michael is back in training, shedding the middle age Kg’s and working with Jake Stone towards the goal of being able to once again pull double rolls, A.R.Ses and Backflips at the spritely age of 50, hinting at documenting the process as he goes.

On third base we learn that the $200 charity donation promised from each board will go to local Australian bodyboard clubs to help financially assist club members who may struggle to travel to larger events.

Lastly, we learnt that Eppo’s daughter Tayah is single, so for any handsome, polite, respectful and courteous young bodyboarders out there, an opportunity may exist to met and spend time getting to know what we are sure is a delightful and well rounded young lady directly related to Australian bodyboarding royalty.

Trainer and trainee.

The resounding success of the venture does open the door to some tantalising questions about the future of bodyboard sales.

Is the future of booging retail now creating remakes of 25 year old boards?

What impact does the limited run of direct to customer sales model have on bricks and mortar board stores?

How many old Pro’s are on the phone to shapers right now chasing their own slice of the new pie?

Where are we on the Toby Player Atunas Shark Island model remake?

More as the story develops.

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