Tow Board Down!

Tow Board Down!

Last week we reported on the creation of a custom tow board by Refresh bodyboards for team rider Pedro Levi Silva, who was ambitiously seeking to set a new world record for the biggest wave to ever be ridden on a bodyboard.

On cue the lumps of aquatic mountains that spew forth from Atlantic storms came marching up the underwater canyons off the coast of Nazare right into the path of Pedro and jetski partner Nic Von Rupp.

Pedro’s efforts did not disappoint, launching himself shoreward on a gigantous mound of water, with the special designed craft under his guts seemingly performing as promised in offering control and drive in the huge conditions.

Pedro had added a few on the run modifications to his board by way of a set of handles of woven marine nylon rope to assist in lifting and carrying the 8.5kg lead infused weapon onto and off the ski.

Things all appeared to be on track for Pedro to continue to push the limits of extra large wave riding in his hi-tech board well into the future when disaster struck.

Like Achilles mythological heal, every modern bodyboard, no matter how well designed or engineered, has an actual Achilles heal that proves fatal if it’s struck in the wrong place with considerable force.

Mythical Achilles was struck and mortally wounded by an arrow fired by Paris, Prince of Troy. Pedro’s board was struck and mortally wounded by significant amounts of cubic tonage of Atlantic sea water, causing the board to buckle and break across the top of the deck where the internal stringer ends.

No amount of duct tape or cable ties is going to put that Humpty Dumpty back together again.

So, we assume it’s back to the shaping and designing bay for Pedro and Refresh to hopefully emerge with tow board two point zero.

As always, your intrepid reporters here at Infoamed will have their fingers on the pulse of any future developments in the realm of extra large wave wrangling and innovative design experimentation, and you’ll be sure to able to read it here first. Or maybe second after you see it first on instagram.

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