Eppo’s Back!

The NMD / Eppo Collab.

By Dan Dobbin.

Ever since to the VBC movement morphed from a bunch of eBay and garage sale trawling nostalgia nerds into a vibrant global juggernaut thanks to Zuckerberg’s sexy girl rating app, the bodyboard industry has been trying to figure out how to leverage this enthusiasm for the yesteryear into cold hard cash.

Many wrung their hands that the cash that could have been being dropped on new performance craft that would help fuel further innovation and development was instead being funneled into a separate organic economy that created a concentration of old boards into personal stockpiles and not much else.

Companies like Science, Hardy shapes and GT boards began releasing boards with ” classic” colourways as a nod to the appeal of the aged, while QCD teamed up with Adam ” Wingnut” Smith to produce a limited to run of 50 replica ” Wingnut” boards in conjunction with the release of the ” Holding On” documentary which sold like blue, black  and white hotcakes.

In the same vein, Australia’s first world champion and the first men’s non-Hawaiian world champion Michael ” Eppo” Eppulston has teamed up with master shaper Nick ” Mez” Mesritz to produce a very limited run of 10 “Eppo” throw back boards based in the design Eppo was riding soon after his maiden WC in 1993.

The reason for the small number of boards?

“Mez only had 10 purple deck skins left in the factory so that dictated the 10 board limited issue. We also agreed that we wanted to make this release truly limited, so once these 10 boards sell out there will be no more in this design”.

Ten boards you say? Well according to the information email that accompanied the release, it’s actually only really going to be 8….

“Each board is numbered 1 through to 10. Number 1 will be auctioned at a later date with 100% of the profits donated to charity. I’m keeping number 2”. says Eppo.

So what will one of these limited run boards set you back?

” Boards 3-10 are AUD$1000 each with 20% of the profits donated to charity”. So AUD $800 for a limited run board from one of the best shapers in the biz, with the feel good factor of $200 going to a charity thrown in feels like a winning combination.

It seems that the innovator who brought us the double roll, the backflip and may or may not have pulled the first A.R.S. has once again innovated, this time in the area of leveraging nostalgia and assemblage into profitable sales.

( Read here: https://infoamed.com/2020/05/09/revisionist-history-the-air-roll-spin)

The boards go on sale from Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 7:00pm Australian AEST at www.epposode.com , although if you’re interested in securing one we suggest you have double browsers on ready to refresh as we can’t see these lasting more than a few seconds after sales open.

Assuming that the sales of the boards are the resounding success we feel they will be, what of the future? What classic board collab would you like to see revived in a limited run?

A Nugget Purcell double decked O&E?

A Troy Kneeves BSD?

A Toby Player Atunas Shark Island model?

Exciting possibilities abound!

Stop the presses!!!

Seems another round of blue, black and white hotcakes maybe be in the pipeline as well after Wingy dropped the following on Zuck’s other cash cow, Instagram:

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