Pedro Levi Silva: The Biggest Wave Ever Bodyboarded?

Pedro Levi Silva: The Biggest Wave Ever Bodyboarded?

By Dan Dobbin.

Yesterday we dropped an article about the special tow board Refresh bodyboards had developed for team rider Pedro Levi Silva to attempt to ride the biggest wave ever on a bodyboard.

It seems that half a world away at the other worldly oceanic waterfalls that is Nazare at size, Pedro put the craft through it’s paces, towing into a few potential world record sized lumps with none other than big wave surfer hellman Nice Von Rupp.

Judging by the footage, the performance of the board seems to live up to the intended design ideals, offering enough inertia, cut through and drive to allow Levi Silva to navigate the Nazare wave faces successfully and functionally.

(View here:

With this apparent proof of concept, does the door now swing open for even greater exploration and innovation in the realm of exceptionally large waves now that improved equipment makes the previously seemingly impossible possible?

What else can we expect on specially designed sleds?

Will other board companies enter the large wave arms race with their own innovative tow boards and riders?

Does the bodyboarding community at large care about size, or do we remain obsessed with girth? Heavy not tall, thickness not height?

Are waves of such dimensions so divorced from your daily experience as to render their riding inconsequential to you?

Does Pedro have the largest figs in bodyboarding or is that still Shane Ackerman?

Much to ponder….

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