Quick Chats: Aaron Glossop.

Quick Chats: Aaron Glossop.

Introduce the world to Aaron Glossop?

‘How’s it goin n that?’The names Aaron (Azza) Glossop, I’m 32 years old, lived most of my life in Kurnell , Dad to one wild boy and soon to be one more bub . Chippy by trade , very quiet and enjoy puzzles.

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How did you fall in love with Dropknee?

Surfing a local novelty break with mates one arvo after primary school, I witnessed a set wave ridden by Dave Ballard , just backside styling through this warping and twisting reef break . I soon started to love the DK sections in all boog vids back then and just kept doing it until eventually it was the only thing that felt functional for me. 

You charge Shark Island in Jackstance, talk us through how that passion developed?

I grew up surfing , and I actually stand up goofy footed, so after seeing Bal Riding puts backside, I thought I’d do the same. It turns out I’m more comfy natural on the knee! So it was a shock to me at first as to why I wasn’t riding the knee my preferred stance, yet it soon became clear that I could get up quick frontside on rights , which came in handy out places like the reefs , suck rock and Shark island . I was far from good as a grom, but I made up for it by getting flogged heaps and having mates watch on with laughter at the attempts .


Is there anyone else having a go DKing out the Island?

There are very few, and that’s obviously due to the fact it’s risky business. Benny Sawyer ,who is a renowned local booglord definitely dabbles on the knee in risky surf. Phil Gretch, who I haven’t seen on the scene in a while, has got a fair few front and backside. Ben Hall used to go some nuggets on the knee, he’s getting them on a standup now, also legend Photog Paul Gleeson has had a few knee pits there. Wazza Feinbeer has been known to go some slabs out there on the knee, he’s also called me into doom pits as a grom which I thank him for now! Not very many come to mind , it’s not the easiest wave to dial in , let alone on the jackstance. 

What sort of equipment are you using? Any special design tweaks you employ in your boards?

For a long time, I just rode what I had laying around, prone boards mainly , but I’ve ridden all DK templates from a few board brands like TOYS , NMD , Stealth , all of which I enjoyed . I’m currently riding the VS ‘Versa’ model 41”. I’ve had heaps of good waves on it . To put it simply, I like versatile templates over all DK , due to the types of waves I’m exposed too . It’s very common to have a session which I’ll be trying to get some DK ones, then it gets gnarly, so I’ll just try holding on through a couple of bombs and call it a day . 

Top three heavy wave dropkneers in Australia today. Who have you got?

Kim Feast for sure , he’s a beast when it comes to speed control in big DK waves . I look up to him for how functional he makes riding fast waves on the knee , even though anyone who’s tried it , knows how insanely difficult it is to keep a rail in over 6ft.
Tyson Ryan , Matt Lackey, Tom Macfarlane , Matt Sullivan , Dion Myers, it’s too hard to pick 3 ! But these fellas are my top 6 at least. 


Outside of the waves, how do you fill in your time?

Being a parent has been a big change for the better, my partner was born to be a super mum, so I just follow her lead and it’s been a wild ride so far. Dadlife is where most of my time is now, but I do play music, also skate , I enjoy light poetry and knitting sweaters (maybe some of that isn’t true, or maybe it is ..) 

Any shout outs or thanks you chuck them in here!

Thanks to my baby mumma Louise for her care and support, raising our rad son to my bro Andy, you’re big inspiration to me, my mum and dad. All my good mates for supporting me and sharing good times with. Jack ‘Da Rippah’ Lindholm for lobbing one knee up on his boogie all those years ago and starting a movement that I now consider my passion, and thanks to Infoamed for asking me to answer some questions and share the Stoke! Yeeew!

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