RIP 3 Review.

RIP 3 Review.

By Jack Dobo.

By now anyone who enjoys the ocean and has access to social media has cast their eyes on RIP 3- CO-VID.

The third instalment in the multi-craft series by the DRAG crew. To get here we have been slowly introduced during the first two vids to the cold hard facts that a full length feature bodyboarding movie some of us TRAD’s pine for is certainly not on the menu.

Maybe this is the new normal?

Maybe this is ground breaking?

Maybe they’re just completely taking the piss out of all of us?

Whatever it may be you can’t knock the balls to produce a movie exactly how they fucking want that’s certainly not fitting into any box you can conjure up.

The intro hooked me right in with incredible audio of worldwide panic as our main ‘stars’ are mixed in with unique specimens of the general public in some truly baffling scenarios which involve holding a bodyboard (A woman in heels with a board tucked under her arm courtesy of Brown Cardigan).

This shift to voyeuristic shots of randoms takes us back to the VHS tapes of two decades ago, where it wasn’t uncommon to see flashes of women in G strings on the beach at Pipeline, then a few Shark Island beat downs and then a fish eye lens thrust into the riders face as he ate his McDonald’s.

The DRAG crew have taken our sport back to the ‘core’ where the characters were raw, alcohol and fast food was abused and styles were as unrefined as the editing

There are certainly plenty of highlights of performance surfing littered throughout; like Chippa doing things I couldn’t even begin to describe or name, former Gong’ local Simon Longhurst busting a flawless air reverse out of a South Australian air bowl, Griz wrangling pits of doom that wouldn’t have been out of place in his Roam days and Sewelley showing us that he can vertical drag just as well as he horizontals.

The soundtrack was offensively brilliant with Creed the perfect icing on the cake to wrap up the 59-minute wave riding circus. A special mention to the boys for always acknowledging the additional film contributions of Tim Bonython, who I am 110% sure would not have provided a single piece of footage to any of these creations.  

Overall, this was the free content we all needed and a perfect way to lose yourself in some Sunday self pity after a blow out weekend of missing good waves because you were a hungover piece of shit.

After the abomination that was the recent Drag team trip to the wave pool (where they all seemed too cool to surf it properly) I crossed my fingers and legs and prayed for limited long booging, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Regardless, they may now have the perfect formula for creating an all encompassing masterpiece of wave riding styles that can appeal to all walks of life. Deep down most of us just hate change, we can’t reincarnate a young Kenny Willis and the ‘Tech Gen’ and make Visions 3, that ship has sailed long ago along with Kenny’s Working With Children Check.

Bear with me here, let us ponder… have the walls been broken down enough to embrace these new lords of DRAG and pretend we understand their in-joke’s and are ok with their not-so-subtle mockery of those who choose to ride prone in a serious manner?

You decide, but I guarantee RIP Forts (4) will be on their crooked horizon in the not so distant future.

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