One of the beautiful things about the boogieverse is that we often get to experience some of the amazing talents that our fellow riders have outside of their ability on the foam.

Carlos Padilla, aka @arte360jr, is one such guy. What began as a hobby recreacting some his favourite shots as drawings has blossomed into nice little side income and a solid social media following.

Infoamed caught up with Carlos to find out about his journey and talents.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, My name is Carlos Padilla, my friends call me Junior, I am from Playas Villamil – Ecuador. in 2000 I was a former local champion and former national champion of bodyboarding in the open category … it was one of the best experiences of my life …

How did your love of drawing develop?

First, I started drawing as a child at 10 years old in school any type of drawings, and as a teenager m I began to surf and draw waves. From there my love for my two passions began.

When did you start drawing pictures and recreations of bodyboarders?

All my life I have been drawn in pencil and in 2018 I started with illustrations in applications on the cell phone and now with a graphic tablet it is incredible there are many work tools.

What is your favorite drawing so far?

The one with the frog, because it was my first illustration that I published on the networks, and I wanted to try to see how I was doing. And it seems that everyone likes what I do.

Are you selling your drawings for profit or are you doing them just for fun?

It was for fun because I like to draw, but I saw that people began to ask me for illustrations and they asked me the price and I decided to give each illustration a price.

Can people order you a drawing of them bodyboarding?

Sure if … As long as the image is sharp.

Any greetings or thanks you would like to include feel free here!

Thank goodness to my family and friends for the support. Also thank Medusamag, Ian Campbell, Andre Botha, Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard, Tamega and my great friend Manny Vargas who were the first to publish my drawings and that my work is recognized. Also thanks to you for the support and for the interview.

See more of Carlos’s work at @arte360jr on Instagram.

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