Sorry I’m Not Ando.

Sorry I’m Not Ando.

Every now and then you come across something that catches your attention because it’s just a little different, something with a little cultural awareness.

The latest clip from the boys at “The Lab”, Jake Dobo and James Dixon, is one such clip. Entitled “Sorry I’m not Ando”, it takes a none to subtle dig at the brains trust behind Drag Board Co.

We caught up with Jack to talk Drag, film making and bodyboardings strange emo years.

Jack in a scene from the clip.

What’s the Jack Dobo history on the Boog? When did you get hooked, and when we’re you’re glory days?

My first real taste would have been on family summer holidays starting around the age of 10. Picture a Manta board with a big filthy rocker, a board bag so large it could almost tip me over, chafing infused Billabong board shorts and a love of going into a crowded patrolled area and bus driving over as many people as I could on the way to the shore. As much fun as this was, I then started to see snippets of real bodyboarding in magazines and videos in my teenage years. One Christmas the VHS “Superstars 2” was under the tree and with a full year subscription to Riptide magazine I was well on my way to full blown addiction. I still believe Superstars 2 is one of the best movies ever and was probably the biggest inspiration of all.

As for my ‘glory days’ they would definitely be the 3-4 years after I purchased Todd Barnes’s camera set up that he used to film Video. Bodyboarding for me always went hand in hand with filming/editing and I was always trying to do both.

I managed to infiltrate the tight-knit South Coast booger circles with relative ease and was soon filming, travelling and surfing with my “heroes”; Ryan Mattick, Dave Fox and James Kates among others. Guess it’s easy to make friends when you film them all day…

I smashed out 3 DVDs, we had premieres with over 300 people attending and it was a legitimate hobby through University that paid for itself and then some. Once I was done with making my own movies, I had completed my degree and moved into the “real world”. The premiere scene was still alive and well and I filmed here and there on borrowed equipment for other people’s films.

The best memories from this era would have to be a 3-day mini bus bender for the Home Brew DVD by Zion/Stoke Machine. We showed the movie at Newy, Byron Bay and finally at a strip club on The Goldy on night 3 (somehow even kids were allowed in the venue). Would pay good money to have those times again!

The lasted clip you’ve dropped satirises the Drag Board Co. crew, how much was having a dig and how much was tongue in cheek?

100% dig. Myself and my co-producer, James Dixon, are staunch bodyboarders and probably the only two 30+ year old guys who refuse to ride any other craft. We have a sick obsession with our local novelty reefs The Gong is famous for.

In saying that, we knew the Drag Board Crew would love our not so subtle write off as it’s full of nostalgia for them too and some pretty damn fun times when they were bodyboarding addicts like ourselves. They still know their roots and this would have hit them right in the feels.

I asked them what did the new age Drag Surf Co. surfers think of our efforts and most said “I’m confused” “Who are these guys?”.

James and Jack.

How do you feel about the Drag movement? Genius marketing or mocking the sport?

It’s such a fine line and I have struggled with it for years (probably why the clip has been so well received). People can feel the pain but also have a good hard laugh at themselves at the same time.

It’s certainly genius in the fact that they have been able to somehow end up being accepted by surfers and have an amazing and diverse team of riders. The RIP movies have been pretty ground breaking but I think those outside of the drag crew, who are still legitimate sponsored bodyboarders still trying to make it work, could find it pretty hard to swallow…

The clips soundtrack and style seems like a call back to the mid 2000’s Ozzie bodyboarding scene; emo music, hairstyles and fashion. Was this deliberate or are you just stuck in a timewarp?

We wanted to bring in as many elements of the glory days as possible! Think 2007; IAMNONE clothing, skinny jeans, emo fringes, punk-pop. Simple Plan might have been stretching it a bit far in the cringe department… but the lyrics really suited the message we wanted to get across.

Bodyboarding for a time was cool as fuck and to the guys like the Waldron Brothers, who encapsulated that emo-bodyboarding blend in their movies and soundtracks, we will forever be indebted to. I don’t think we will ever get that feeling back… it was a great time to be alive! I kind of sucks for the young guys now with a bit of talent but with no real platform to show it off.

Can you believe there was a time where being a bodyboarding could legitimately be a way of attracting a female?

Life outside of the boogieverse? How do you fill your time?

We are both primary school teachers so that works in perfectly for school holidays and reliving our horizontal youth and chasing waves. In saying that, a fair chunk of our spare time over the years was spent drinking and partying rather than getting in the ocean.

I recently became a father last year which has almost made me cash in more when I’ve got the spare time to get in the ocean. I’ll be keen to get my little girl into some shore breaks when the time is right. Aside from bodyboarding? I’ve played cricket my whole life and still love the sport.

Any plans for more clips to drop in the future?

This is actually our 3rd clip we have released in the last few years. Our first was called “The Special Two” and the second was “Blow Up the Pokies”. Our riding is nowhere near good enough to showcase on its own so we try to have a theme or a story to go with it so we don’t completely embarrass ourselves.

In saying that, what’s move embarrassing? Our lack of ability on a bodyboard after all these years or a bald man wearing a wig singing to Simple Plan?

We were actually going to make this clip to the song ‘Photograph’ by Nickleback but the Inspired Unemployed guys did a skit recently with them and they are way too good at what they do! We didn’t want the shame of people thinking we were copying them in some way.

Filming got way too expensive for me after finishing Uni with the constant updating of equipment and the BFC (Bodyboarding Financial Crisis). I threw my old Sony VX200 off a cliff and pretty much completely dropped out of it for a few years but the quality of the new go pros and their affordability have re-lit the flame and made it possible again. I think we have one more in us… just need to find the right tune and message. Maybe taking aim at Agent 18? They still around?

View the boys work on the link below.

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