The Re-creation Of Bodyboarding Victoria.

The Re-creation Of Bodyboarding Victoria.

Recently the Mornington Peninsula Bodyboard Club announced they were changing their name and stepping up the competition game in Victoria. We caught up with Steve “Hutch” Hartshorne
(@aloha_steve) the social media and website manager for the newly created Bodyboarding Victoria to find out the reason behind the change.

How did the change from Mornington Peninsula Bodyboard Club to Bodyboarding Victoria come about? 

After 10 years of being the Mornington Peninsula Bodyboard club and the only Club in Victoria we have grown to a point where our members are all over the state and our events are also being ran in multiple spots around the state, Including the Peninsula, the Surfcoast, Cape Patterson and in the South west. Now with the added addition of the Pool at URBNSURF we believe that this name change better represents our membership.

Are there any other clubs in Victoria that are involved in the change?

No, we are the only club in Victoria.

How many members did the club have last year across all divisions?

We had around 60 competitive members, 30 social members but there are a lot of regular beach entries that turn up to compete but aren’t members due to the fact we move our events around. There’s usually a good crowd of 50+ competitors at each event

Is Bodyboarding Victoria aligned with SurfingVictoria and Surfing Australia or will it be its own separate entity?

Bodyboarding Victoria is its own entity but we are now aligned and a club affiliate of Surfing Victoria and Surfing Australia.

In the past we have been out on our own and worked with Surfing Victoria but the new committee has made the decision to affiliate to keep us in line with all rules and regulations that are required to be a professional club these days.

Surfing Victoria has been extremely receptive to Bodyboarding Victoria name change and are committed to working with us to grow and support our sport.

The added benefit of working with Surfing Victoria is Personal Accident Insurance as Public liability insurance only covers a club and individual so far but when signing up with our club comes Personal Accident Insurance through our Surfing Victoria membership that not only covers you while competing but while you’re free surfing as well.

The other benefits like : discounts at URBN surf, Personal development training, coaching and judging courses, free entry the Bells comp was a big part of our decision to affiliate.

You’ve announced two rounds of state title’s to be held as soon possible, what was the reasoning behind this?

Victoria had the harshest and most restrictive lockdowns of anywhere in the country due to Covid-19 and looking at what’s happening in the northern hemisphere winter we didn’t want to hold off until later in the year if another wave strikes.
The plan is to get the state title run and won so we don’t get caught out with another lockdown situation

Any other big plans we can expect from Bodyboarding Victoria in the future?

Yes!…absolutely yes. We are working through some of our details now with councils, Parks Victoria, URBNSURF and with our sponsors and our memberships should open this week.
all the details can be found at the new BODYBOARDING VICTORIA website:

To be honest none of this could have come together without the amazing committee we have put together this year and our super supportive sponsors
Nomad Bodyboards
Funkshen Bodyboards
Attica Wetsuits
Limited Edition
Shed Nine
Voyage Surf Ski and Skate
Gone Bodyboarding

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