Breaking News: All Hawaiian Surf Contests Suspended Indefinitely.

Breaking News: All Hawaiian Surf Contests suspended Indefinitely.

By Dan Dobbin.

The odds of our beloved Pipeline Pro being able to run this year just got slimmer again.

As we reported here;

the capasity to run the sports premiere event was severely compromised by two positive results the ‘rona during the WSL’s Billabong Pipe Masters event.

In these times of assuming everyone from somewhere else is a diseased dog, Hawaiian officials have made  the call to suspended until further notice all surf competitions due to corona pandemic.

“The public health and safety of our communities, contestants, spectators and guests is first and foremost in this decision,” the state said.

The WSL has cancelled the Sunset Open and the Big Wave Jaws Championship Peahi on Maui, while the Da Hui Backdoor Shoot Out, Uncle Buffalo’s Big Board Classic and the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic will also be in doubt.

The Hawaiian people have a long history of being resentful of those from outside who bring plague and pestilence to their shores.

Captain Cook and his men introduced syphilis and gonorrhea upon their first visit to the pineapple isles, and when he returned a year or so later was subsequently killed and most probably eaten, presumably by locals made angry by their now itchy and painful privates.

No word yet as to whether WSL CEO Erik Logan or the event cameraperson will suffer the same consumptive fate.

As always in these situations, it’s the little guy who will be most affected. And by little guy I mean people like myself, who won’t be able to sit in air conditioned comfort watching a livestream of the action and critiquing the performances of braver and more skilled riders.

More as the story develops.

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