Pipeline Pro In Doubt After WSL Covid Debacle.

Pipeline Pro In Doubt After WSL Covid Debacle.

By Dan Dobbin.

Rumours and hearsay from the Aloha isle suggest that the ability of the bodyboarding fraternity to enjoy the spectacle of a competition at her majesty the Pipeline may have been serverly comprised by the events that unfolded around the WSL’s Billabong Pipe Masters competition.

For those who don’t keep up with the happenings in the  stand up surfing world, the World Surf League’s Billabong Pipe Masters was forced to go on hold for several days in the middle of the competition period after WSL CEO Erik Logan, who was at the competition, and an event camera operator tested positive to Covid-19.

Sources on the ground in Hawaii are reporting a strong community backlash against the idea of outsiders travelling to Hawaii at this time, and a growing reluctance amoungst city officials to allow surfing competitions to go ahead after what happened during the Billabong Masters.

The Volcom Pipe Pro, the first event of surfings 2021 qualifying series was cancelled early last week and word on the street suggests that the Da Hui will not run their iconic Backdoor Shoot Out surfing contest this year.

In light of all of these cancellations and the prevailing community and govermental sentiment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see bodyboarding’s Pipeline Pro event being allowed to go ahead in the early months of 2021.

Still if anyone can work some magic at Pipe it’s event organiser Mike Stewart, so let us all knock on wood, cross fingers and rub lucky rabbits feet etc.

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