Big Surf Continues To Roll In.

Big Surf Continues To Roll In.

By Dan Dobbin.

In August we reported that Hurley was planning on dropping “their own line of “performance” bodyboards in the near to upcoming future.

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This decision was made after Hurley’s “team of experts embarked on a complete and thorough understanding of the brand’s potential channels of distribution and price point strategies. We create tools such as brand development profiles, trend guides, style guides and marketing strategies. These marketing materials portray graphic illustrations and a strategic marketing road map to enhance consumer brand recognition.

Hurley brand ambassador and part-time Prime Minister of Australia Scott Son of Morris.

Then just last week Chilean charger Valentina Diaz revealed that she has signed with the Pea-hen to the Quiksilver Pea-cock that is Roxy surf, snowboard and fitness.

Valentina believes that Roxy’s sponsorship will be a positive for the sport because Individual outdoor sports and female empowerment is something that has a lot of commercial potential, and it seems this idea is gaining more traction. I feel aligned with Roxy as a brand because they have a vision that goes beyond just surfing, they are adding value and recognising bodyboarding for the great sport that it is”.

Valentina aligning herself with Roxy’s values.

And now eagle eyed observers have noted that big surf / skate brand Vans may be the next in line to dip its toe into the untapped growth market of middle aged bodyboarders desperate to draft off the youth appeal of such hip trend setters as 44 year old marijuana usage advocate and longboard legend Joel Tudor, 35 year old surfing savant turned every dad Dane Reynolds, and the grandfather of skateboarding, 52 year old Tony Hawk.

Vans, Drag, Dorf.

Drag Board Co. Brand associates Chris James and Harry Bryant were both spotted atop a white booger emblazoned with the Vans moniker that also featured the brands trademark checkboard design on its rails.

No press release yet from the Ska band desire inspired mob, but if / when it’s forthcoming it may read something like this;

After extensive focus group workshopping and marketplace analysis Vans, one of the world’s leading action sports brands, continues to strive to become the world’s largest youth culture brand. Having identified the sport of Bodyboarding as a hive of youthful exuberance and counter cultural cool we will endeavour to support the creativity, authenticity and passion of the team riders on our new “soft core” riders division.

We here at Infoamed welcome our new corporate overlords, and look forward to a further inundation of surf brand corpo-speak as other ailing investment types search desperately for new niches to exploit in a global market that no longer lionizes surf culture as the north star of cool.

Hail retail!

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