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Infoamed’s Top 5 Stories Of 2020.

We’ll it’s a few dips under a full year here at Infoamed ( Our first article appeared on February 13th 2020). The plucky little website that could keeps chugging along at around a 60% professionalism level. Grammatical errors and poor sentence structure abound, but somehow enough of you out there have found the opinions and stories that grace our pages interesting or infuriating enough to stick with us so far on our voyage.

Our original manifesto in article one we said:

We want to hear from the everyman, whose experiences and interactions with the ocean are every bit as valid as the guys living the dream chasing waves up and down the coast and overseas on the sponsorship program”.

For 2021 nothing has changed. Infoamed is first and foremost a community building exercise. We’ve got a few exciting extensions hopefully coming to fruition in the new year as well.

As for this year, a huge thank you to all of the writers, photographers and feedback givers who have contributed along the way. From the guys and girls at the elite level, to we common folk walking the streets, all it has often taken is a simple request and people have been willing and able to help out.

Much love and appreciation, Dal and Dan.

Below are our most read stories from the past year. Controversial, opinionated or entertaining, these are the articles that most tickled or traumatized this year.


Whilst trawling through the trash of Insta-comments a little “he said, she said” between two board and fin manufacturers prompted the beginnings of a wider discussion on swimfin design and innovation.

Does this speak to a deeper issue? Are cultural norms and aesthetics holding us back from developing better performing fins, or is it simply that the original design is the best ?

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No 4:

Mr Singer’s lament about seeing stand up surfing turn the corner towards a hi-fi aerial focus that has previously been the exclusive realm of the boogie brigade, and the implications it had on his professional career.

These guys had just ruined my career and possibly aspirations for bodyboarding making a long awaited jump back into the public spotlight, it was right there in front of me wrapped in dance tracks and a superb lack of slow mo.

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No 3:

Early this year a disturbing trend was rearing it’s head within sections of the bodyboarding community. The once derisive team ” boogieboarding” was beginning to pop up in everyday usage again to describe the gut sliding experience. Well Lozza Clarence was not ‘avin it, launching into the following diatribe.

If we settle for a culture of happy happy joy joy, lets all just enjoy going for a boogie board, fun fun, flop flop, the overall performance level of our sport is almost guaranteed to decline into the future.

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No 2:

Sometimes an image is so arresting that it defies belief. That was the case with this cracking shot of South African Alex Nutt by Jacques Sellschop, with many internet hombres calling “Malarkey” on the authenticity of the shot. Cerven Cotter spoke to the certified Nutter 😉 himself for the backstory behind the shot.

I did manage to make the paddle, how I made it out I’m not too sure but I think the crazy strong current helped alot, I managed to make it out almost halfway down the beach and trying to get back to the point was an even harder task then making it out!

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No 1:

This little ditty of a write up precedented the board sale that broke the Vintage Bodyboarding community internet, board sale price records and some punters brain who coughed up $15,000 ozzie dollars for the original Ben T-10.

It also got us punted from the VBC community on the ‘book because the funny play on words alluding to the fact that Ben was definitely going to sell out all of his boards was seen to allude to the fact that Sevo was also auctioning of his memorabilia because he may have been a little short on cash.


Here that?
That’s the sound of a significantly large portion of the Vintage Bodyboarding Collectors community soiling their panties at the news that Sensei Severson is putting a significant number of his private collection of personal boards up for auction.

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