Champagne Lifestyle, Beer Budget: Alex Perez.

Champagne Lifestyle, Beer Budget: Alex Perez.

Words and images by Alex Perez.

It was the 2015/16 winter in Hawaii. I was staying in town with my friend Shane but the forecast was looking mental for the next few weeks on the north shore, so I started searching around trying to find someone with space in their house or a room to rent out there. I got tipped off that Iain and Storm Prestwich were staying at sharks cove camping and I was like what?

It sounded intriguing so I hit them up and just by chance the property had two tents available and the guys in the one next to Iain and Storm were leaving the following day.

So next thing you know I’m camping in the back of this property with a full ghettolicous set up. It had a single power cord that ran into the tent for power so that made charging things fun.

Home sweet home.

It was a bit hectic when it would rain, this one night I swear the thing was floating away, it was a flash flood and it was dumping like 1”/hour. That was a wild night.

On the nights where it was not down pouring, we were serenaded to sleep by the sweet soothing sounds of stray cats making rough passionate love to each other in the bushes behind our little encampment.

We were all there for awhile (I think 2.5 months or so) and none of were rich as you can imagine, we were sleeping in tents with a power cord, so you have an idea of what our budget looked like.

Those guys would work on days without waves and I was relying on selling video clips and photos to help finance each days meals but to be honest, I learned a lot on that trip, I believe I was 20 that season and it was my first experience living the true boogie lifestyle.

I learned so much in terms of how to budget and just make it work and most importantly I learned that you don’t need much to have fun because that was one of the best and most fun seasons I’ve experienced over my last 9 seasons on the north shore.

I also developed a really strong friendship with Iain that trip and that I am also extremely grateful for as he has been a great friend and mentor over the last few years.

Camp mate Iain Campbell.

Long story short is that a great trip simply consists of having good company and scoring good waves and even if the waves are shit, as long as you’re with your friends, chances are you’re still going to have a sick time.

You don’t need all that fancy shit. I have actually found that the less I have on trips, the more I can appreciate what I actually do have.

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