The Wild West.

The Wild West.

By Andrew Rams.

When one thinks of the Pacific Northwest as a surfer, one thinks usually thinks of Tofino in British Columbia. 

I’m here to tell you that there a state located between California and Canada called Oregon that features some amazing waves.

Oregon has miles and miles of some of the most dramatic coastline in the world and has featured in many movies such as Goonies and Point Break just to name names. 

As for surf, it has it all. River mouth sandbars, reefs , wedges, slabs and everything in between.

The weather however can be unforgiving.  Wind and rain plague Oregon half the year but when the conditions come together its magic.

Oregon is blessed in Spring and in Fall ( October/November) it can get world class. So much so that Billabong added the Nelscott reef big wave contest to the tow world championship tour in Lincoln City, Oregon.

This area is also home to “The Yeti”. Heaviest wave on the west coast, Hands down. It’s the Slab Dave Winchester came and scored on a small swell with a group of Aussies around ten years ago featured in a Movement mag article.  

Water temps here require full wetsuits year round with hoodies gloves and boots.

As for the local vibe, Its pretty heavy. Most locals hate outsiders and city folk. They will play nice unless your an asshole. Then you will get sorted out quickly.

Like anywhere really, Respect is everything. Still with all this being said you can still score world class waves if you spend the time to learn the weather patterns and are not afraid to paddle out alone with no one around for miles and and but the ever looming threat of Shark attack into the back of your mind.

Either that or bribe me to show you certain spots!!!

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