Critical Clips: Peninsula.

Critical Clips: Peninsula.

By Dallas Singer.

I’ll start by saying Pride probably have got the crown for best team vids ever made. The only effort that could come close are the Toobs vids of the 90s, while they were all time, but I think the formula Pride has run for 5 of so clips now has done enough to take the cake.

3 riders, 1 trip somewhere exclusive.

Pierre’s been a mainstay throughout and bacically set a benchmark for the rest to follow. But for each film the supporting roles seem shine just as brightly.

Back when Jared Houston was onboard, it was so good to see he and Pierre together, both with completely different styles. Then it was Sam Bennett becoming clearly the best rider to come out of a new crop of Australians, Lewy wasn’t far behind that and then Tristan more recently. They’ve all became world beaters.

Penninsula brings in Isabela Sousa for this one and she absolutely has a blinder.

For me, Isabela Sousa is still by far the best female booger in the world. She made the vid for me. I thought her right hand game sucked before the supertubes section toward the end of the film when she trotted out plenty of right punts (again the best boosts I’ve seen from a female booger). So sick to see her enjoying it so much still and obviously getting way better in the process.

Tristan has a good stab at some of the off beat waves near the beginning, I’m not sure if it’s the angle it’s filmed on but one of those slow mo left ledges was kinda fuckin scary looking. He’s also cleary getting better, his riding looks a little less excited this time around, more settled and I think you can see that in his riding.

Another thing to note is how similiar a moustached Tristan and a young surfing legend Michael Peterson look. You’d have to wondering if he not running in that genetic pool somehow.

Pierre is again setting a high bar, as be has been for a while now. It’s hard to tell if the young prince has hit a plato in his riding or not. He’s been top dog in my mind for a good while now, I wonder if he starts scratching his head as to where to bend his boogin to next. It’s right there in his wheelhouse, much the same as Ryan Hardy in the mid naughties. He drops way less backies in this clip and plenty of pretty slow verts and rev bashes.

Another notable mention would be Pierre’s waves at an over populated Mundaka line up, dancing around burnings and making point break boogin seem 100% functional (not the easiest thing to do).

The film in general was really well shot, the water stuff was outstanding, pretty well every time I wanted to see something from water there it was. The ledgey left at the start could have coped a water angle, but I’m not complaining.

Would it be crazy to think Jimmy Kate’s Passing Through may have had an influence on Edouard Houssin’s edit? Some very similar feels throughout the interludes and pace in general, and the soundtrack plays a good part in this also.

Remember, I grew up watching 3 mins sections of boogin’ paired with a track from ” Survival of the Fattest”, so shits clearly come a long way since then.

After this incredible effort from Edouard I hope we get to see more stuff from him in the future, it seems like Aussies have dominated film making in bodyboarding for such a long time and its really fresh when you see something this good out of an European effort.

The Portugal/Spain/ Basque stretch should be on every bodyboarders places to travel, “Peninsula” reminds us that this stretch of Atlantic coast is quite rightly one of the most unique places in the world for anyone wanting to get piped off their cone.

After building a solid history for itself as one of the most bodyboarding rich communities in the EU, weirdly enough beginning with the iconic Sintra contest, which is probably one of the more average spots in terms of wave quality this stretch has to offer.

“Peninsula” does a good job of juxtaposing the centuries old European architecture and rip-able wedges on the other end of the shoreline (for any Australian this is something that seems completely out of place).

“Peninsula” gets 4 out of 5 timeless Mundaka burnings. Bravo Pride, you guys have constantly produced good shit, very grateful 👏🏼.

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