Grand Flavour Hacked!

Grand Flavour Hacked!

Cover 📷: @chriswhite

The age of cyberpiracy is upon us! Grand Flavour, the clothing company conceived in the noughties to ride the wave of boogiecentric merchandise consumption, recently fell pray to a scam. Shut out of their original account, the brand has been forced to start all over again with their social media presence. We caught up with Grand Flavour CEO Chad Jackson for the lowdown on the low act.

Hi Chad, can you give us the background story on how the old Grand Flavour Instagram site was hacked?

I was sent a copyright infringement notice from a familiar looking account (A fellow unknown booger who was hacked I think) and got redirected back to the log in page which was a hoax. Plugged my password in and basically waved goodbye to my account instantly. 

What can people do to help?

It may take a long time but I’m still hoping to get the account back eventually. This has left me having to create a new account ( @grandflavourofficial ) to try salvage something coming into Xmas so basically people jumping on and following that account for a start, but most importantly jumping on the website and buying clothes is the most important thing if we wanna try push through.

Has this made you re-evaluate how you reach the public in terms of sales and customer interactions?

Well not entirely given we are an online store so digital marketing and promotions through social media is the perfect outlet for us, plus the quickest way to interact with customers all over the world instantly. I will be doubling up on my security on social pages.

How has this affected business? We know it’s a busy time leading up to the Xmas silly season?

90% of GF orders are referrals from Instagram so it’s left us at rock bottom at which would be our busiest time of the year. Usually sales from this period will take us almost until March as January and February are always notoriously slow. We really do need all GF fans/public support to get on top of everything.

Did Grand Flavour clothing experience any of the Covid boom in sales that other bodyboarding products saw?

I wouldn’t say we experienced a boom as overseas productions were slowed way up so it left us having to take alternate routes making ranges completely in Australia. Luckily we received some great support from local printers to accomodate with that. The whole situation kind of motivated me more then anything so we been drip feeding some great collections more often since everything got back on track.

Finally, can you reinterate why it’s important for the bodyboarding community to continue to support brands that are part of the booging scene? 

The way I see it is having a good tour is the most effective way to bring bodyboarding to the mainstream masses. Ultimately 5-6 years ago when the tour was powering along we were lucky enough to be able to put money into supporting events like Fronton which we want to do more of in the future. If the brands don’t receive support it’s hard to get enough coin to make that happen. I just wanna see boogen back in the limelight where it belongs.

Go give @grandflavourofficial a follow and help out a dedicated bodyboarding brand.

Better yet, head to their website and buy some gear!

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