Help us bring ” Generations” to life!

Help us bring ” Generations” to life!

This isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

We’re supposed to write tongue in cheek articles that really need proofreading and a good edit because they’re written at the end of the day on a mobile phone.

Some people will like ’em and some will hate ’em. They might be vaguely interesting and give our small audience something to think and debate about.

We’re not supposed to have to create an amazing competative bodyboarding event by implementing a kick ass idea by South African born, Puerto Rican living Jared Houston.

After we began promoting our “Generations” series of articles, pitting the best of the Generation Next (Hardy, Player, King, Rawlins and Hubbard) against  Generation Now ( Louis Costes, Campbell, Roberts, Houston and McDaniel) Jerry went one step further and called us out for the weak shit talkers we are.

(Read the first installment of “Generations” here; )

An actual, real life, in the flesh boardriders battle between the competitors in our “Generations” series of articles.

How fucking great would that be!

Hardy, Player, King, Rawlins and Hubbard against Louis Costes, Houston, Campbell, Roberts and McDaniel facing off at a world class location.

Okay, okay okay.


How can two guys with negative $100 in the Infoamed savings account after paying out the Double Bubble winners bring to life an amazing idea?

How and where can we make this happen in our current Covid world? 

We did start and run Port Stephens Bodyboard Club 15 years ago, but that mostly consisted of buying new gazebos from Bunnings after yet another folding up fuck up by the groms, stealing bread from Coles and scamming sausages from the local butcher.

So, we have shelter and catering covered.

Now we just need someone with a permit to run a competition at a world famous wave on an island that all of the competitors could travel to.

Think, think.

A few sponsors to help with promotion wouldn’t go astray either.

Think, think, think.

How do we make this happen….How do we make this happen…..

How have people with limited fiancial resources and political standing got things done on the past???

People power!

If people from the past secured the Magna Carta, the 8 hour work day, women’s suffrage, the end of segregation, the decolonization of Indo-China and the like by working together to agitate and advocate for action than we can too!

Can anyone think of someone who has a permit to run a competition at a world famous wave on an island that these pro’s and former pro’s would want to travel to and surf?

Can anyone think of some companies that might be interested in sponsoring such an epic event? Perhaps any former pro’s who now own or distributed board brands who may have a little extra cash after the Covid spending bubble prompted record sales around the globe?

Who do we target to lobby to make this happen?

Who’s going to be our King John, our James Galloway, our Emmeline Pankhurst, our Martin Luther king Jr or Ho Chi Minh.

Where are you great saviour and visionary to lead us poor wretched plebs into the light of incredible bodyboarding entertainment and action!

More as the revolution begins.

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