Spat: Rawlins Vs The World Tour.

Spat: Rawlins Vs The World Tour.

How good is a little honesty!

In his lastest chitty chat with Le Boogie podcast host Josh Kirkman, lord of the rail Mitchell Rawlins did not mince his words.

No one really gets to rip pipe except Mike, the bloke that bought the Ben 001 is a fool, the world tour model for crowning a world champion is fucking stupid model that stiffles the progression of the sport.

And on this last point, Mitch really lays down the hammer when he boldy claims that the top 5 guys in the world today wouldn’t get it done over the top 5 in the world from a generation ago.

Would Iain Campbell be able to compete with Tahiti skins mode Ryan Hardy at Chopes?

Not a chance chirps Mitch.

Not knocking the riders themselves says Raw-lines, but the level of riding  20 odd years removed from bodyboardings greatest generation should be noticeably further advanced.

“That level of riding then, was, is, on par with what is happening today”.

He continues;

” There should be guys that are twenty (yrs old) surfing remarkably better than, you know, guys my age, that grew up with me, remarkably better”.

The reason for this stalemate according to Rocky?

The world tour.

“By having this world tour, that’s  dragging these people around the world, it’s pulling the performance down”

So in these post-modern times of say anythingness and it’s your own personal truthiness, we here at Infoamed fell it’s only right to conduct a rigorous scientific investigation in an effort to fact check Mitch’s claims.

Where going to pit five of the best from generation next (late 90’s onwards) against generation now ( now) in a totally fantasized and fictional set of man on man comparison articles and see who comes out on top.


Your teams:

Generation Next:

Hardy, Rawlins, King, Player and Hubbard


Generation Now

Iain, Tristin, Pierre, Jared and Tanner.

Individual match ups announced soon.

Listen to the chat here;

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