Champagne Lifestyle, Beer Budget.

Champagne Lifestyle, Beer Budget.

By Dan Dobbin.

Cover image: @mattp.aul

Why do Australians wear thongs?

Because they’re too stupid to be able to tie up shoelaces!

I don’t really do patriotism very well.

Something about the groupthink and dick waving of it all just leaves me a little cold.

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi” feels as dumb as it sounds.

Still, I’ll admit that after viewing this little exchange:

in the comments section of our article on whether Aussie booging was over as an professional competative force, I had a surge of “Fuck yer we are!” begin to well up in my throat.

(Read here)

Despite the seeming ground swell of support for what we are calling the ” Stu” model of crowning a world champion, ( One big event, winner takes all) the reality is that for the foreseeable future, losing money chasing a tour remains the only path to glory for riders wanting to win it all.

(Read about the “Stu” here)

So with this in mind, and the quivering hope of restoring Aussie bodyboarding greatness in my heart, Infoamed is going to dig up some tales of economic survival from bodyboardings past in the hope of inspiring young, talented Aussie bodyboarders to throw financial caution into the wind, lay down some carpe diem, yell some “Yolo” and go fly the Aussie flag if and when the IBC tour gets into gear in 2021.

First up Alistair Taylor and the legend of the Hawaiian season fuelled on only Potatoes.

There were a couple skid row years for me starting out in Hawaii. I think the potato thing was mostly true in that I had arrived with just enough money for my first month’s rent and had less than $100 left for my trip, so I was kinda living on potatoes that season.

“There was another year where I actually arrived with about $100 so I couldn’t afford rent, and bought a tent and mostly lived on sandwiches, but that was also the year Macca ( Steve “Bullet” McKenzie) won the comp and I got some prize money, so I was ok after that….good times!”

Watch AT shred it up on potato fuel below.

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