Confessions of Love: Luke Pleydon’s Winchester reject.

Confessions of Love: Luke Pleydon’s Winchester reject.

A Winnie reject with all the flex markings of some significant loving.

This board is my all time favourite I’ve ridden!
This sled was originally winnys but was to flexy for his liking (living in the far north coast with warm water)
So I grabbed it off him essentially brand new.

It’s hand shaped by the guru dan sivess,and is a 41.75”thin NRG/PFS3 core.
I found this core/tech combo to work really well. The board gave perfect flex thanks to its nrg core,but the parabolic beams,kept it super strong,I surfed loads of waves on this board. Mostly just around home and in a few Local comps and have had many memorable sessions on this beauty.

Nowadays she’s a wall hanger and pretty creased up,but stoked she’s proudly unplugged still !

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