Stalemate: Hubb responds.

Stalemate: Hubb responds.

Last week we may have gilded the lily somewhat when we suggested that bodyboarding had done all that could be done in terms of aerial exploration and exploitation.

Coming off an early morning viewing of the latest Sackchat chronicles edit from the BSR wave playground, the article lamented the lack of new air rotations being laid down by some of the very best in an environment custom built for launching.

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Now, who better to respond to the allegation that bodyboardings air innovation game has gotten stale than the greatest aerialist the boogieverse has produced; Mr Jeffery Dean Hubboards! Over to you Hubb.

Have we explored every possible rotation possible on a bodyboard?

I think bodyboarders as a collective have tried and thought of almost all of them, but have we landed them and continued to do them with consistency or improve them?

Definitely not.

Some examples from the past I can recall include:

*Lanson’s air reverse front flip thing from Tom Boyle films in early 90’s still has not been completed again.

*PLC has tried the double back flip but had no luck yet.

*My brother Dave Hubbard has done and or tried some wild moves that no one has tried again like reverse inverts and a back flip to front flip.

*Tanner’s tick flip (backflip to roll)

*The air forward to front flip has never really been landed by anyone else amd I’m still trying to land the elusive double air forward.

*Moves like the reverse air to reverse roll, reverse roll to reverse spin, air forward to roll are all out there just waiting to be pulled.

*I once saw someone try and almost land a double gainer at Base once in the early 2000’s.


The risk / reward of pushing the limits of new moves in big waves.

While small to regular waves are where we can probably try and land some of these new moves with frequency, I think new moves are definitely a possibility as long as riders are willing to push it in larger more powerful surf.

Launching in 15ft plus surf and beyond at waves like Jaws, Nazare, or the Right obviously carry a much higher risk of serious injury or death.

What’s the reward for trying a double gainer flip at maxing Nazaré or Jaws ?

Vast riches ?


Probably not because it is bodyboarding after all! 

You might get a ton of likes for a day or two and some pats on the back, but the risk vs reward in this scenario is pretty skewed.

Tahiri Tehei going big. 📷Sapakuprod

The possibility of new moves in wave pools .

The BSR pool has power and allows you to get some decent speed and with the sections being pushed at you it definitely allows for more aerial bodyboarding than at any other wave pool.

However, you still can only get about a 4ft of launch, so you have to fit the move in to a smaller amount of space.


The take off and way you ride and approach each section is the same every time which allows for some great consistency. But the first limitation that arises is that not every section is actually exactly the same.

There is definitely some variability in the power or size of each section each you ride.

For example the right double barrel setting only worked for about an hour while we were there. This meant that everyone only got around three decent right ramps.

The left seemed to work all day, although some ramps were definitely bigger or better than others.


The current size of the wave and way it bends definitely do not allow for certain types of air moves. Double rotations like 720s are totally out of the question at this pool at the moment.

The elusive reverse air to reverse roll might be the most likely new move to be done at BSR, but even then the tech at the pool doesn’t quite give you the right angle or approach for that at moment.


Possibilities into the future.

I believe this was Tanner’s fourth time at the pool and he was attempting moves there I had not seen him try previously and it was super rad!!

Tick flips, double reverse rolls, and big gainer flip attempts. That one
gainer flip that everyone has seen on Instagram was super sick!

But he almost killed himself on some of his other attempts, so risking breaking bones and serious injury is totally possible and probable in pushing the boundaries into the future.

So I guess the question we are asking is if someone had unlimited funds to ride their favorite wave pool setting (using current available technology) for as long as they wanted until they landed a new move and didn’t get seriously hurt, would we see any new moves that haven’t been completed before ?

I am an optimist so I would say -maybe.

If a smaller, lighter, super flexible human had a check list of new moves ready to try and the settings they needed working perfectly they might be able to do some unique variations of things we haven’t ever seen before.

Some of the moves Jeff mentions are linked below, including Lanson’s freak flip that started it all!

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