Confessions of Love: Dilan Carestia.

Confessions of Love: Dilan Carestia.

Where better to start than my #1.

If I had to pick a fave child from the foam fam, this is her.

I’ve got a stack of boards I ordered from Todd @qcdboards since back in like 06/07ish, but this one is special.

I remember booking another trip to Samoa a few years ago and wanting something for DK that would suit the waves. I drove over to his workshop then on the Northern Beaches with a trunk full of different boards I had, and we went through and talked about how to blend the best bits.

She’s 42.25”, PP with 2x stringers, a slight extra rocker in the shorter nose but keeps width & volume under the front foot, thinned down core, full crescent, single concave & channels.

An absolute magic carpet.

At the time I’d been watching a lot of Dane Reynolds & Dion Agius surfing clips, & wanted a board that could do real turns while hold in a barrel & also experiment above the lip.

I’m  lucky to have ridden this board around the world, and in fear of destroying her, I only try take her out when the waves are special, but have a few clones & variations on standby.

Very grateful for this little slab of finely crafted packing foam & the crazy memories attached to it. Kids, save your pennies & grow a quiver – somewhere out there is a board waiting for you to find it.

Ps- still a new move that I’ve never landed DK or known anyone else to that I only came close on 2 boards, this was one, got the move but blew the landing. Hopefully get it before me or the board falls apart, whichever comes first!

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