Bubble Wrap.

Bubble Wrap.

Glory me comrades, where does the time go….

Just under three months ago we launched the “Double Bubble ” challenge, designed to be a cheeky little counterpoint to Movementmag’s monumental ” Short Circuit ” competition.

Instead of encouraging riders to push the limits of performance riding in waves of consequence, we encouraged riders to share the stoke with others by double stuffing themselves into barrels.

Instead of a potential * $50,000 first place cheque, we offered to cough up $50 to each rider in the shot.

In no particular order the top 5 shots we received were:

Dilan Carestia.

We were going to open the voting up to the public, but as any good authoritarian organization knows the public are not to be trusted, and only the enlightened elite are smart, handsome and clean enough to make important decisions like who we throw two pineapples ($$$) at for double piping themselves for public amusement.

And so the 50 rubbles are heading to Sowth Efrica’ to Mr Robbie Berman and Mr Gavin Dettmer, where if the free online currency conversion website we visited is to be believed, that’s about $570 Rand each!

Not bad for 10 seconds work!

In true Infoamed form, we got the story of the winning wave from Robbie himself.

We were all straight out of lockdown, so you can imagine how hungry everyone was for a wave. Sitting in the lineup with 20 hungry locals and somehow this wave came my way. I turned and started clawing my over the legs and boards of the other surfers and body boarders in the line up. I noticed Gavin was paddling with me for the wave, so I shouted that I was going and he looks at me as if he heard me but just kept paddling (I still dont know whether he heard me or just chose to ignore me) .

I manage to take off on the zone and pull in to probably one of the better waves I’ve had out at this spot and then suddenly, Boom! Out of nowhere I felt this something land on my back and start riding with me through the pit. The shocky blasted us both into oblivion but it was still one wild ride”!

Fun, and funny!

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