Revisionist History Update: Tom Morey On the origins of the boogie.

Revisionist History Update: Tom Morey On the origins of the boogie.

By Dan Dobbin.

Did you pay attention in year 10 biology?

Familiar with the concept of convergent evolution?

In a nutshell the process involves  organisms independently developing similar traits as a result of having to adapt to similar environments or ecological niches.

A few weeks ago we publish an article  musing about the influence or impact the work of Professor Lindsey Lord’s research on planning hulls and surfing legend Bob Simmons surfboard designs may have had on our lord and saviour Tom Morey when he first birthed the boogie.

One of Professor Lindsey Lords prototype planing hulls.

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Well thanks to the interconnectivity  of the boogie community we were able to get a response from Tom himself. Well not Tom himself directly, but Tom through his lovely wife Marcia via email.

Tom response : “There is nothing I learned from Simmons first hand. 
Anything I might have learned was from reading about him.  Second hand. 
What Simmons did, was break the mold by pioneering use of difference materials Processes. 
So I can’t say I used any of his ideas or methods”. 

Marcia also reinterated that Tom had studied boat and planning hull designs extensively although couldn’t recall the work of Professor Lindsey Lord specifically.

Tom and the original boogie.

So it seems that just like the way in which dolphins and sharks evolved similar body designs to best exploit their environments, Lindsey Lord and Tom Morey both hit about upon similar shapes when working to develop the most functional and versatile design to traverse water surfaces.

Proof of concept really that the bodyboard really is the ultimate wave riding vechile.

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