IBC Fronton King 2020 Final day.

IBC Fronton King 2020 Final day.

By Dan Dobbin.

In the interest of brevity and driven by laziness I’m skipping straight into the man on man finals heats today.

The strangely titled first ” 1/2 final” between  Lionel Medina and Jonathan Vega started slow, with nothing of note ridden for the first 10 minutes before Medina threads a semi- hollow right and plops a big sky drop roll off the inside for a fist high claim and a score of 7 flat.

Winning hand jives đź“·fronton king.

The way the Spanish speakers pronounce ” Elll Rrrrollo” might be my favorite thing about the bi-lingual commentary. I have no idea what’s being said until ” Elll Rrrrollo” erupts through the feed.

Elll Rrrrollo đź“·fronton king.

Vega’s first scoring wave is an almost carbon copy of Medina’s, just on a slightly smaller wave. 6.5 and not enough to take first place. Medina drains a heavy but short right for a 5.5 with just under 4 minutes to go, comboing Vega.

Then with less than 2 minutes on the clock Medina makes what could have been a costly mistake. Not needing a score, he still goes on another heavy right which he doesn’t make, leaving Vega alone in the lineup and the chance to possibly jag the 7.5 he needs for the win.

However the wave Vega needs never materializes, allowing the 24 year old Medina to advance to his first ever final.

In 1/2 final number two, Amaury Lavernhe faces of against Igor Sanchez.

Igor gets the better of the first exchange with a 4 on a so so right barrel.

Mid way through the heat Amaury pulls a little hung up air forward for a 3.5 on a left while Igor repeats the average right barrel trick for another 4 and a bit score.

With ten minutes remaining Amaury jags a slightly heavier inside right with a solid chandelier exit. Your scribe thinks a low 6, the judges go a straight 7, leaving Igor to chase an 8.2 total for the lead.

Moz looks to turn the knife even deeper with a nugget of a left barrel to big clean roll but then gets clipped on the Fronton chop right at the death as he rides out of the “Elll Rrrrollo”. Still the judges lock in an 8.5 for the best score of the heat.

Igor throws the pool chair hard on an inside wedge invert, falling a long way down but lands back in the pit, which to this observer looked like an incomplete ride. Again though the judges ignore the finale of the wave and the 7.75 opens the door for Igor to snatch the win, but he’s just not able to get it done, leaving a Moz vs Medina final.

In a throwback to the first few days of competition in the concelation final Vega defeats Igor in an uninspiring heat with a total of….10.

Final time and Moz goes 4 with a little deep inside left barrel, and a 3 for a tidy right spin, keeping busy at the start of the heat.

Following it up with a 7 point pit on the right, Moz looks to be in complete control of the final at the midway point before Medina has even registered a wave.

Medina’s first wave at the 17 minute mark is a scrappy but bigger right that he fails to exit cleanly. Still the judges go 4.5, which stacked up against Amaury’s opening 4 point left which was deeper and cleaner exit seems a little high.


Medina gifts Amaury a right air section, which Moz lofts a high invert off before the camera loses sight of him. A complete or incomplete?

Behind him Medina locks into a clean, round Fronton special, surviving the shocky blast, another little inside cover up then a slapped down a Rrrrollo to finish.

8.75 and the heat lead is now Lionel’s by virtue of Medina’s highest single wave score despite Moz claiming a 6.5 for his Invert and both riders being locked on a combined heat total of 13.25.

With ten seconds remaining Amaury lofts an invert into the wind on the left, but it’s not enough to deny the twenty one year old Canaries local Lionel Medina from becomes the youngest winner of the Fronton King competition.

With the strict Covid-19 restrictions in place it’s only a small crowd of competitors and staff on hand to greet the young winner at the top of the Fronton stairs, but he receives a rousing home town heroes reception none the less.


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