By Mack Crilley.

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I can’t really give any accurate information about the background of skimming on a boogie board other than the fact that the boogie board was invented in 1971 by the great Tom Morey. I’m almost positive that when the boogie board was released to the public somebody had to take that thing sand sliding down some sand dune or shoreline. 

Boogie skim is pretty popular for me and my friends but mainly on the island of maui, I don’t see it too often on the other islands unless conditions are proper.

Maui has very good locations for sand sliding and a big variety of boards designed just for it.Biggest hotspot for the boogie skim is Big beach Oneloa. unlike your typical surf break , the waves at Big beach break very close to the shore with a lot of power allowing for easy transition and big maneuvers. 

Certain crews are more motivated to boogie skim than others buts its really just another way of enjoying the ocean with the boogie. It’s almost always available unless the beach is closed or dark. 

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 I believe versatile riding is very popular in Hawaii because it’s more of a cheap thrill for the locals that can’t afford a surfboard. Of course there are many of us that are die hard boogie lovers but most people can’t afford a new surfboard and the boogie is the best alternative.

This is why I believe standup boogie boarding  and boogie skimming are really popular here in the islands.  

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I was inspired by the local guys doing huge backflips boogie skimming at big beach. Also watching g bodyboard skim videos from the foam company bodyboard shop. For my friends  and I, it was more a culture than a sport!

We were dedicated to whatever looked the best at the time surf, skim, boogie, anything on the wave.

After many years I realized the boogie was the ultimate wave riding vehicle and it began to be my board of choice! 

My biggest influence on skimming was from Maui legends Kevin Delmore, Jimmy Hutaff, Chado Miliatante and Koa Villa. You can see vids of them on YouTube searching Op7 the lost tapes”by Micheal Kini”.

I want to give a huge shoutout to science bodyboards and the foam company for all the best gear and support to continue as a professional boogie boarder.

I want give a shoutout to Akch media for the amazing video and support along with Hoku Vascellones, Dooma photos, Matt Morri, braddah kimonakaoi  and Marcy Koltun-Crilley (mom+dad) and any others if I forgot! Last but not least a shout out to my amazing wife Ayaka for being my better half! Much mahalo for reading and Aloha.

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