Quick Chats: Wynn Surfs.

Quick Chats: Wynn Surfs.

Firstly, introductions are needed, can you both (Wynn and Dad) tell us a little about yourselves and how you got into bodyboarding?

My name is Wynn Perry. I live on Oahu, Hawaii and I am a 9 year old girl. I got into bodyboarding about 3 years ago when I would see my 2 brothers catching waves and I wanted to join in on the fun.

My Name is Steve Perry and I am Wynn’s dad, I got into bodyboarding a couple of years ago when taking Wynn out into the water. Normally I would bodysurf these waves and for many years I enjoyed skimboarding at select places.

How long have you two been pulling into these Sandy’s closeouts together?

We have been pulling into these closeouts at Sandys for about 3 years now, At first we practiced going under the waves and the main thing was to stay calm. We started off by going on small waves with no barrels then once we were both comfortable enough we would work our way up to bigger waves which meant bigger thrills and excitement. 

Wynn, we don’t ever seeing 9 year olds being brave enough to charge into big close outs like you do, do you ever get scared?

Sometimes I do get scared when I see a big set rolling through the water getting closer and closer. There are times when we make it under the waves with ease but there are also times when we are in the wrong spot and just have to hold on and go along for the ride. I sometimes get scared when I know that we are going to get flipped upside down and every which way when we are going to get slammed and end up in the ‘Washing Machine”.   Once the waves get very big my Dad has to put on his Viper Surf Fins but other than that we don’t use fins.

Do you think you’ll be pulling into barrels by yourself soon Wynn? 

Yes I do think that soon I will be able to start riding these waves by myself, I have started to go on small waves by myself but they are not as extreme as the waves that me and my dad catch tandem together. I think that I will be going into barrels by myself soon but for now I am still learning everything from my dad which helps me understand the waves and ocean better.

Do you have other crew that you normally surf with?

I surf with my dad, 2 brothers, and my uncle. My youngest brother films us going on waves and manages my accounts. This is our normal crew but at the Beach we will often see people that are supporters of our page or are just friendly and saying hello. The surfing community is very supporting and is always positive by sharing encouraging words and big smiles and shakas. 

Apart from Sandy’s, do you surf anywhere else?

Apart from Sandys we surf at makapuu, keikis, makaha, and sometimes Waikiki. Our go to spot is usually Sandy’s but we usually follow wherever the waves are and take the drive to have a great time. We often go in the afternoon but once in a while go bright and early dawn patrol, Waking up is the hard part at 4;30 but the sunrise and empty beaches along with nice barrels are what makes the memories priceless.

I would also like to thank everyone who has shown support to us and allowed us to hopefully brighten up your day!!

Check out @wynnsurfs on Insta to see more Sandy’s charging.

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