Kulcha Kings.

Kulcha Kings.

By Dan Dobbin.

Modern Australian society has what is sometimes called politely a “complex” relationship with its Indigenous peoples.

From a deep respect and admiration for the people who are the guardians of the worlds oldest continuous cultural tradition, to outright derision and racism in other sections of our communities, opinions and experiences can run the whole gammit of the spectrum.

Hell, we’ve even have our own ongoing “History war” in academia as supposed intellectuals trade barbs and attempt to shape cultural beliefs and attitudes in the wider community as they quibble over the Black Armband vs White Blindfold historical interpretations of the past.

Ryan Hardy is one man who knows where he stands and has no qualms in acknowledging the importance and legacy of Australia’s tradition custodians.

Following on from the Indigenous colourways used in the Reeflex wetsuit models, Hardy shapes has released their Modern Anarchy Black Kinetic PP board model in a similar red, black and yellow motif.

Nicknamed the ” Koori” model, Ryan had this to say about the inspiration and motivation behind the board.

Rob Laurie 📷drewimages

“This was a collaboration with indigenous team rider and mate Rob Laurie to make a board with indigenous colours and he suggested to call it the ‘Koori’ model or fire dragon in Indigenous dialect. I love the art, colours and creativity that comes from the indigenous spiritual culture and I hope people who ride this board get to feel that and bring out their own inner dragon to maximise performance and fun when they’re in the water, yew!”

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