Back To The BSR.

Back To The BSR.

Cover image rider: Matt Meyer.

The Riders perspective.

By Craig Whetter.

Craig. 📷 by Brandon Obermeier

The BSR Wave pool in Texas is quite a dreamy place.  The entire experience is just mind blowing for me, from the location, the visuals you see, and of course the waves!

You drive through dozens of Waco citizens’ farmland to get there & its kind of hard to believe there’s a cable park somewhere back there in the woods, until you pull up on the iconic BSR sign at the entrance.

As you continue down the road you shortly run into basically an oasis in the middle of nowhere with clean, punchy waves being pumped out every minute.

Rolling up with our crew & seeing the first few sets roll through got us jazzed up real quick, especially knowing that we have the place to ourselves for 8 hours.

Warren Anderson.

The waves they have on tap there are the complete definition of the closest thing you can get to a bodyboarding skatepark. Identical waves back to back to back until you can’t go anymore, & boy are they fun!

It’s not the biggest wave, probably 3-4 foot depending on what setting you do, but man are they rampy, clean, and powerful.

The Freak Peak is something else, the vision you get when you take off into the wedge is overwhelming at first!

High lining into a wave the same size as the one you’re on is so mental, plus the amount of air you get when you hit it.

Tanner 📷 by Brandon Obermeier.

The other setting we did was called the double barrel, which is a long running wave with a sick hook bowl at the end bending towards you.

Both of these waves boost you into the flats majority of the time though, making the landings fairly painful practically every ramp. But it’s a good pain, very satisfying.

It’s a great place to practice moves over and over until you’re happy with them because it’s essentially the same wave every time. It was so rad to watch the all the boys go for it all day too, Matt Meyer, Arec Colon-Aldeguer, Julien Durand & Tanner to name a few.

Alex Perez.

By the end of the sessions I was pretty sore from going into the flats all day nonetheless, & it felt great. It’s very addictive, and I’m pumped to be heading back in about a week to have another crack!

I am stoked to have gotten a handful of clips from the day as well as everyone else, now check out the edit our good friend Jamie Rose filmed & edited from all the Waco wildness, you won’t regret it!

Gavin Pellkofer.

The Videographers say.

By Jamie Rose.

Before departing to Texas, I was pretty set on shooting water a majority of the time. I noticed a lack of that perspective from the current BSR content available.

Having the opportunity to shoot the same wave on repeat is a videographers dream. Most of the time when I shoot water at my local spot I’m constantly just trying to get in the right zone. That takes a massive amount of my attention away from concentrating on nailing a good frame. Here, I have the luxury of knowing exactly where the guys are going to punt. The 45 second interval between waves gives me enough time to make adjustments before the next wave rifles through the zone. 

Predictability alongside absolute talent is a recipe for great visuals. Shooting at the park allows you to capture some pretty insane images from land as well. The potential to offer a new perspective is still out there, I am looking to chase that next time I shoot there.

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