IBC Fronton King Day Three.

IBC Fronton King Day Three.

By Dan Dobbin.

Slightly bigger again, 8ft sets, more sun, less wind. Fronton King day 3.

It’s the thing that is simultaneously the most exciting and biggest flaw in any surfing competition that sometimes the most skilled rider doesn’t end up victorious because of the randomness of the ocean.

Despite being the clear stand out rider on the female side of the draw, Alexandra Rinder was on the back foot almost the entire heat against Teresa Miranda in the final of the Fronton Queen competition. Five minutes in, Miranda finds an absolute nugget of an 8ft Fronton left special, just handles the drop, and is barfed into the channel for the first ten point ride of the competition.

Rinder labours valiantly to try to claw back the score, but in the end it’s not enough. Miranda takes the victory on the back of that one magnificent wave.

Round 3 in the mens was closed out in much the same way it played out yesterday, with combined heat scores of ten or above usually enough to secure a go through to the next round .

Amaury Lavernhe survived a scare in heat 12, getting out of a third place by banging out two solid rolls on a bowly left in the last few minutes of the heat to advance to round 4.

Javi Dominguez  lights up the first heat of the round, cracking an ARS off of a thick six foot right to run up a 9, and secure victory over Willy Lujan.

Bernardo Jeronimo boosts a big, clean invert a few minutes into heat 2 that would have gone into the 9’s category had be been able to stick the landing. It proves costly against Jonathan Vega who Hubb flips himself to second place out of two right hand bowls, and Guillermo Cobo who drains a spitting right to Invert for the numero uno placing. It seems like things will stay that way until Maxime Castillo is able to find a second scoring wave after a solid left hand pit midway through the heat and relegate Vega to third place.

As the timer hit 2 seconds and the whistles echo from the cliff top, Vega scrambles into an 8ft right, heaves himself of the end section into a looping roll and heaves himself back into second place position, eliminating Castillo and Jeronimo.

The final heat of the day between PLC, Diego Cabrera, Julian Gonzalez and Carlos Suarez provides action aplenty and was easily the most exciting of the day.

Gonzalez drains a heavy right for an opening ride score of 8, while Cabrera has a 7 and a 5.75 locked in in the opening 5 minutes of the heat as the swell pulses into the 8 foot plus range on the sets.

The exchange between Cabrera, Gonzalez and Louis Costes around the 15 minute mark runs: incomleted kegging left by Cabrera, completed kegging left by Gonzalez, then a huge lofted air forward by the Frenchman that had the commentary team reaching high pitch exaltations of stoke.

The resulting 9.5 score lifts PLC into first place, which he doesn’t relinquish for the remainder of the heat. Once again as the seconds tick down the 3rd place sitter, this time Diego Cabrera, needing an 8.15, squeaks into a solid left ramp, heaves himself upside down off a six foot ramp into a backflip.

In the channel, Cabrera waits, eyes expectantly towards the cliff.

8.35, enough for second place.

While not a classic day of competition by any stretch, the Fronton King is certainly warming up in terms of both action and conditions with a further increase in swell predicted over the coming days.

In terms of winner predictions, Pierre is a clear stand out, Amaury is a solid bet and Cabrera and Vega worth speculating on.

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