Lords! Pocket Master: Kingy Vs Lester.

Lords! Pocket Master: Kingy Vs Lester.

By Dan Dobbin.

Way back in the land before time, when magazine’s were almost exclusively your source of bodyboarding knowledge, a little nugget of knowledge was dropped by Pierre Louis Costes’s most influential bodyboarder of all time, Monsuir’ Spencer Skipper.

When quizzed on the secret to his seemingly effortless style, ol’ Skippy dropped a succinct one liner dense in knowledge :

“The only time you leave the pocket is to hit a section”.

The pocket is the power source of any wave, and the way in which a rider is able to access and redirect that energy is what separates the good from the great.

Being able to manipulate and play around in the pocket is unique to the bodyboard. It’s where the flex qualities of our poly ponies really pays off. Shocky hops, foam ball rides, spins in the pit are all made possible because of our ability to morph and mould our boards and bodies to the wave surface.

Engaging the core and using the legs as manipulatable rudders is your recipe for success when flowing in and around the power source.

Two of the best in the biz are Ozzie home grown heroes Damian King and Andrew Lester.

The way in which both utilize their rails, board flex and body torques to maximum affect should be mandatory study for anyone looking to become a highly accomplished bodyboarder.

And so the question is now asked, who’s the pocket master?

Andy or the King?

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