Seconds and Centimeters.

Seconds and Centimeters.

By T.C.

CRACK!!! June 2017, My Target bodyboard snapped under the lip of a shorebreak wave at Makapu’u Beach only weeks after buying it and I was so stoked to finally turn into the barrel instead of going straight!

I ended up buying 1 more then finally got my first real bodyboard, which was a Spencer Skipper LMNOP 🔥 Super stoked!!!! 

Later on that year the summer turned to winter and on October 31, 2017 it was my birthday! I drove to north shore, Oahu, to get a sunset session in. Caught some siiiiick waves and was stoked.

On my way driving From North Shore to the Outback Steakhouse Hawaii Kai, something happened within a split second that was totally out of my control and reaction time.

Night had fallen and the only lights were the street lights and traffic lights which I was approaching a 4-way intersection.

My light was green and out of the corner of my left eye there was a dark figure traveling about 5-10mph coming straight in front of me, in disbelief and at the same time totally realization, I turned my wheel to avoid this guy that had ran a red light.

BAM 💥 sudden impact  air-bags deploy, racing thoughts, smoke from the engine and whatever caught on fire under the hood imploded into the car!

My life flashed before my eyes, while my neck and my back brought me back to reality from the intense pain and hot sensation that ran up my spine.

I jumped out of the car and start yelling, “Bro what’s your problem, you almost killed us and you ran a red light!” I was angry.. but then chilled and asked if they were okay?

The guy looked at me and said nothing. Silent, no emotion.

Even worse the ambulance told all of us this car accident could have been fatal for his girlfriend that was in the passenger seat if I had I not turned the wheel at the last second and hit them straight on. The impact from my Chrysler 300 was that of a truck.

This was a life changing experience. I went through 6 months of chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. I’m now fully recovered and proud to say 2 1/2yrs later I’m Bodyboarding, Skateboarding, Playing Basketball, Working out, and more athletically inclined then I’ve ever been in my life!

Giving back I do an event called: Prayer & Share: We pray for them and let them share their life story, hula, and good vibes… 

God and Angels are real. They saved me on that day and the other driver and his girlfriend. The moral of this story and life is that anything can happen and it usually does happen out of our control. Learn to live everyday with no regrets, be positive about situations, be kind and respectful toward’s other humans, do something ever day that matter and try to become even better than you were the day before.

Whatever you are going through or how you feel, know that hard times don’t last, tough people do. Everything is happening exactly how it’s supposed too, so you can learn and live your dreams.

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