Portuguese National Tour Event Dois’.

Portuguese National Tour Event Dois’.

The Portuguese national tour rolls on, and as the only national tour that we are aware of rolling on this year we feel duty bound to report on it.

Poor ol’ Nazare has become a victim of its own amazingness to a degree. Whenever its name is mentioned now mental images of giiiaaant mushburgers or dreamy split peaks spring forth.

Instead of dreamy split peaks, competitors had to make do with semi O.K. peaks on the first day of competition and make you work hard for a score peaks on finals day.

In the women’s division six times Portuguese national champ and competative juggernaut Joana Schenker claimed the W over Filipa Broeiro.

The Men’s side of the gender divide saw a tight tussle between Pierre L.C. and tour event number one winner Daniel Fonseca.

Flashing through moves on a garishly bright pink Pride, PLC did enough to convince the judges he was a worthy recipient of the first place novelty check and one weird little first place trophy.

Surveying the photos of the place getters it seems that the weird little doll trophies were handed out to each finalist.

Do weird little dolls like these freak anyone out?

Suffers of pediophobia often attribute their fear of figurines to exposure to popular culture horror movie characters like Annabelle, Chucky, the combination of coulrophobia and pediophobia of the Clown Doll in Poltergeist or Lotso in Toy Story 3.

Not being a watcher of scary movies, outside of the Scary Movies franchise which are decidedly not scary, I’m in the clear when it comes to being scared of weird little dolls.

The trophies do raise many questions though.

Did someone forget to order trophies and in a moment of panic stop at a Portuguese toy story on the way to the contest?

Are weird trophies better than no trophies?

What is the weirdest trophy you’ve recieved?

More as the story develops.

* It seems the dolls are a traditional souvenirs that pay respect to the fishermen who braved the swells around the area before it became a famous surfing destination. Respect to these crazy chargers! Your always learning something new in this world.

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