Seasons Changing: California.

Seasons Changing: California.

By Craig Whetter.

Cover image: @weldon88


The Fall season here in Southern California is arguably the best time of year for waves. We can still get late season south swells for wedge, maybe even an early season west winter swell, or maybe both!

The combo swells that we have gotten in the past years have produced some of the better days I’ve seen at our local beach breaks which provides really fun pits & punchy bowls, whether it’s 2ft or 6ft. And the cherry on top, this is the season for Santa Ana winds (howling, hot, & dry offshore winds from the desert) which is a boogie boarders dream when all the stars align. Sometimes it’ll blow offshore all day, sometimes it’ll just be a morning thing, but  damn that window could be one of the better sessions of the year if you’re on it.

The water temp is usually pretty warm as well which is nice, bounces around in the 65-70°F ( 18- 21 Celsius) range until the end of October, which is when it starts to drop. Pretty cool to be in a spring suit / long arm from June to Halloween!

Of course you get some of those random cold currents in between that time, but those don’t last to long. The weather is warm & the waters clear, definitely very dreamy at times to be surfing in conditions like these when the swells come together!

Personally my favorite time of year, so I’m waiting patiently for the transition to hit and stack some clips with the boiz over here! 

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