Seasons Changing: The United Kingdom and Portugal.

Seasons Changing: The United Kingdom.

By Nathan Lockwood.


Summer’s Last Gasp.

The days darken and shorten.

The rubber increases in thickness.

Swathes of green turn to amber, yellow and gold. The slight chill in the air foretells what is yet to pass.

The overwhelming feeling is one of hope, excitement and anticipation of the powerful swells that the North Atlantic will send towards our island in the season to come.

Kaleidoscopic images of pristine waves gone by run through the mind.

The possibility of snagging the ride of your life around the corner.

Welcome to autumn in the UK.

Changing Seasons: Portugal

By Pierre Louis Costes.


September and October are the best months in Portugal for all the best beach breaks.

After the flat spell from the summer, the sand banks are usually all ON! Praia do Norte at Nazaré loves these months.

In Portugal, the west swells are common in autumn and brings the warm water too, so it’s definitely a great time of the year in the country.

I love autumn in Europe, always have, I think everyone is very excited after usually not surfing much during the summer, it’s like a reunion every good session, great moments to enjoy, relax and make the most of these months before the Winter pulses.


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