Seasons Changing: Norway.

The world spins, wobbles and speeds around the sun. Down on our little blue and green marble these celestial  processes create seasonal changes that affect and influence the lives of all living creatures on our planet. Being the greedy little fuckers we are, the swing to Autumn or Spring in each hemisphere, and how that relates to the surf and surfing prospects is usually paramount in our minds.

For the next week Infoamed will whisk you around the globe, getting a snapshot on what the seasonal changes mean for bodyboarders in different regions around the world.

We begin in the North.

Seasons Changing: Norway.

By Chris King.

Autumn in Norway is a full swing in the weather. It goes from 20°C/13 hrs of daylight in September and down to -5°C/6 hrs of daylight in November. In October or November, its not unusual to go a month without seeing the sun. This time of the year can toll its toll on your body, both mentally and physically. 

      But that being said, its generally when the swell starts to pulse. There’s usually one storm that pushes through every two weeks and the weather tends to be a little more predictable. All the novelty waves and unicorns start breaking too. But autumn doesn’t guarantee waves either, surfs can still be very few and far between.

     Nearly all surf spots on Norways coast are private roads and/or private parking for summer cabins. Summer can be a real hassle with parking, but come autumn everyone disappears and thing go back to normal. It is also when the water temp drops fast. That means dusting off the 5/4mm and eventually the 6/5/4mm, boots and gloves.

The first cold snap of Autumn is the one you feel the most. Any minus degree days can feel alot colder than they actually are. But eventually you get acclimatized to it. The technology with wetsuits now, theres no limit to the extremes you can surf in. 

In conclusion, Autumn usually gives way to winter as early as October, but more often in mid-to-late November. Beautiful time of the year with red, yellow and orange colours on the trees. But this time of the year can be very wet and wool clothing is a must. As they say, ‘you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band.’

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