Lords! Tech Lord: Johnno Bruce or Sam Bennett?

Lords! Tech Lord: Johnno Bruce or Sam Bennett?

By Dan Dobbin.

I’m not a tech surfer. I’m servicable, have solid fundamentals and have pulled every move in the standard playbook with a modicum of style, but I kind of surf like an NFL linebacker, low centre of gravity and hunched in the shoulders, surfing with force not grace.

I watch tech guys surf, and for me it’s almost like watching a different genre, a variation on a theme. Rugby League and Rugby Union. American Football and Canadian Football, Soccer or…. Foosball?

The fundamental goal of the practice are the same, the techniques and tactics utalized to succeed are somewhat different.

It probably comes down to some simple biomechanics. When riding prone you’ve basically got two areas where you apply weight or force to the board non’? The arms and bi-proxi the shoulders, or through the hips.

A quick study of both Bruce and Bennett should reveal to the viewer that both surf with a more pronounced arch in their backs, especially evident when they are performing spins, meaning both place more weight in the hip area when surfing.

Centred and balanced.

Regardless of the how, the outcome is almost mesmerising to watch, the apparently ease with each whips through their moves is both inspiring and disheartening at the same time.

Inspiring to observe what is possible on a bodyboard, disheartening to realize you’ll never fucking surf that good.

Still our question stands, who does it better? Who is the tech Lord?

Are you camp Bennett, or camp Bruce?

Observe and debate below.

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