Quick Chats: Johnny Cruikshank.

Quick Chats: Johnny Cruikshank.

Cover image: @ryan.cuthbert

D5 bodyboard shop owner, Science boards distributor, competition animal, father to a gaggle of rippers, left wedge dominator.

Firstly, where do you keep your fountain of youth? How do you stay so stoked on bodyboarding and keen to surf?

Hahaha, I guess I just found a way to keep the froth levels high, I don’t really burn out or get frustrated in the surf these days, I just enjoy what ever comes my way! 

Would  you say you’ve caught more left wedges in the last three years than any other human on the planet?

Umm…it’s a possibility, although I reckon there is plenty of others out there catching a billion waves and just not having it filmed. 

Now the big question, how on earth do  you convince your better half to sit there and film for hours and hours?

You know what, I don’t even push her to film, Sarah (maid.by.the.sea) and myself are always doing everything together and this is her way of having something to do whilst I’m in the surf, being able to watch the footage has definitely helped me to keep progressing my riding. She does get cranky at me for surfing too long, almost every surf.

You’re a man deeply embedded in the industry side of the sport, can you name one thing we’re doing well and one thing that is holding us back?

I really love the way all the Boog brothers and sisters have embraced the fun aspect of our sport, we’re just all out there for a good time!

There’s nothing really holding anyone back as far as what you can do in the water, each individual can push themselves as hard or as mellow as they want.

The industry is a different beast, there is no one uniting force that brings everyone together onto the same path, but that is what it is and probably won’t change anytime soon, but that’s ok as there is great people in our sport that own and operate the core Boog brands out there and they don’t look like there giving up anytime soon!

You’ve got a pretty amazing collection of historical and collectable boards in you D5 shop, do you ever grab one down and off the shelves and take one for a spin?

Thanks, umm yeh for sure. I’d ride any of them but only for a bit of fun, they just don’t cut it against modern boards, at least not for me. The one I had the most fun on is Mikes original pro comp I have, it was like a big smooth flow machine!

If you can, talk us through the challenges of raising a second generation of bodyborders with your boys in terms of striking the balance between being a guiding figure, but also giving them the freedom to learn and discover their own ideas on surfing?

Yeh, I worked out pretty early on that they didn’t enjoy me telling them how to ride waves or pushing them to be better, so I took a back seat and my job just became giving them the opportunity to ride waves, they all give me so much stoke and they inspire me to keep pushing with my riding.Just smile and enjoy the ride!

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