One Shot: Matt Van Seters.

One Shot: Matt Van Seters.

Covid has been hard on everyone. But living in Melbourne, Victoria has been terrible! It was already hard to go down the coast to surf over the first wave with travel restrictions being in place! 

Just as things started to some sort of normalize there was spike in new numbers from hotel quarantine, with whispers of a second wave lock dow.

I needed to squeeze one last surf mission in!

I saw a nice week long run of swell on the south coast of NSW and decided to pin the 9 hour drive up the Hume from work on Friday Arvo for a week!

This photo was taken on the second morning.

The Covid crowd affect was in full swing it seemed as there was a lot more people in the water than most previous swells. I loaded up my housing on first light and linked up with this epic shot of Elliott Williams! 

Since arriving back to Melbourne the state has gone in to lock down for another 6 week! I can’t be outside from 8pm-5am and can’t leave a 5km radius and only allowed to spend 1 hour outside each day! 

Heavy times.

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