UndeRAGE: Tobey Ring.

UndeRAGE: Tobey Ring.

UndeRAGE is a new series dedicated to showcasing the next generation of riders set to make their mark on the bodyboarding world. First up, the Sunshine coast’s Tobey Ring.

Firstly, can you give us an introduction into who you are?

I’m Tobey Ring, 16 years old. I live at Moffat Beach, Sunshine Coast QLD. I’m currently studying year 11 at Caloundra High, and I love anything to do with the Ocean.

Where do you mostly surf and who do you surf with?

To be honest, near to no-one on the Sunshine Coast could narrow down one specific location they surf due to the conditions always being diverse. Usually though I surf the local reef breaks around home. I used to surf with Sam Proctor and Hayden Thompson but for the last 8 or so months I have been rocking up to the surf by myself and surfing with who ever is out there.

Image: @ktunbridge

Who has influenced you the most in your local area with your bodyboarding?

Sam Proctor. All I can say is my level of surfing at the moment wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for him. We used to surf all conditions whether it was 6ft and pumping or 1ft slop. Sam mentored me from 12 to 15 years old and showed me many waves I surf today. 

Which professional riders do you drawn inspiration from?

There are two Pro riders I draw inspiration from and they are Pierre Louis Costes (PLC) and Ryan Hardy. Both of them in my eyes are just machines on the boog. I strive to one day be on their level of riding due to them being so stylish and precise with their manoeuvres. 

Do you have any goals for your bodyboarding into the future ?

I can keep this one short and sweet. I would love to be World Champion one day because its something Ive wanted since I was a Micro Grom.

Waves pools, dig or dislike?

Words can’t explain how much I like wave pools. I have never actually surfed one but if I ever have the opportunity to surf one I’d be the happiest person ever. 

What would you say is the most interesting think happening in bodyboarding right now?

The most Whack thing that is happening in Body Boarding at the moment is the vintage Body board that got sold for $15,359 

Without having to name spots, can you talk us through your most memorable surf session to date?

My most memorable session was around home. In fact it is only 100m from home. It was in May this year and I was Booging 6 hour sessions each day for a whole week. It was the best waves the Sunny Coast had seen in Years .

Do you compete? If so why or why not?

Yes I do compete. I do it because I love getting really competitive at times and I always love going to new places and meeting new like minded people.

Any sponsors or support you’d like to shout out feel free to do so here.

Id like to do a shout out to my OG Sponsor, Surfware Australia which is just a little Surf Shop up the road from home and they’ve been supporting me since Iwas a micro Grom. Id also like to give massive thanks to, Johnny Cruikshank who put me on the Team for Science Body Boards and very shortly after that, Ben Wells, owner of Inverted Body boarding for sponsoring me too. 

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