The Drag Experiment.

The Drag Experiment.

By Dan Dobbin.

The mob at Drag board co. don’t operate from the standard play book.

It seems to have served them well to date, with two successful film drops that have garnered interest from outside the boogieverse and attracted plaudits and praise from the wider surfing world.

They have created a unique and highly recognizable brand through clever and cutting marketing, based on the premise of blurring the lines between the acts of surfing and bodyboarding, and the pilots behind the controls those crafts.

While it is 2020 and the world hopefully couldn’t get any stranger, it is perhaps pertinent to ask, can you expect to be supported by the bodyboarding community when the bulk of your signature models aren’t by bodyboarders?

If your wanting to view the company’s board products, a visit to the Stoke factory website reveals an error message when you wish to view the company’s designs.

A quick squizz over Drag’s insta reveals three of the four board models advertised are named for stand up surfers Chippa Wilson, Creed McTaggert and, the latest to drop, Craig Anderson.

Anderson, McTaggert and Wilson’s signature “Meat trays” as they are marketed.

To be fair, apart from the McTaggert, the boards look like fairly standard, user friendly boog shapes, although offered in slightly longer lengths than a normal range, up to 46′ on each model.

The question is, is it possible for a company to sit between the bodyboarding and surfing worlds, straddling both cultures without ever fully committing to either?

How long can Drag rely in the popularity of a cadre of undoubtedly incredibly talented, but even within the surfing world, peripheral riders to base the marketing of their products around?

How many stand up boogie themed boards can they release before the gimmick gets old?

Will the “Ripped” film series, like the Saturday morning cartoons of the 80’s, be a strong enough vehicle to continue to sell a product to the masses or does the company need to add a little more substance to their undeniable style in order to move forward into the future?

Much to ponder.

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