Spat: Infoamed vs The Daily Bueg.

Spat: Infoamed vs The Daily Bueg.

In a case of the news becoming the news, your humble servants here at Infoamed have become embroiled in a defamation case with the South Coast based ” The Daily Bueg”.

The controversy erupted after our Entertainment reporter Dane Loomes penned an insightful and witty repose on the past and present place of Meme’s within bodyboarding culture after the eruption of creative output in the wake of the Ben 001 auction shenanigans.

In the course of the article Loomes categorized “The Daily Bueg” as a repository of satirical penmanship and a source of humour and mirth with their tongue in cheek take on various happenings within the boogieverse.

The big, ugly, fat-necked, wombat headed, big bellied, magpie legged, narrow hipped, splaw-footed publishers behind the “The Daily Bueg” fired the first shot in the looming clash of the media titans.

Perhaps tellingly for a publication audacious enough to label themselves  ” Daily”,  a full seventeen days passed from the time the article was published before they were able to muster the energy and intellect to issue the following proclamation:

Scarey warey words indeed.

Rest assured your heroic and handsome hosts will fight tooth and nail to uphold the reputation of Infoamed as a bastion of truth and journalistic integrity during these troubled times.

More as the story develops.

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