Daniel Fonseca Wins The First Event Of The Portuguese National Tour.

Daniel Fonseca Wins The First Event Of The Portuguese National Tour.

Cover image: @hcasinhas

While competition outside of local club events has been put on ice here in Australia, overseas its a different matter. We catch up with ripper Daniel Fonseca to get the lowdown on his win in the first event of the Portuguese national tour.

Congrats on your win in the National Bodyboard Circuit, what were the conditions like for the contest?

A big swell came in one day before the comp. A lot of winter spots were pumping. So when the contest started the conditions were 2 meter waves, with some strong side wind. At low tide was breaking far from the shore, but with the rising tide some shorebreaks came up and the waves got way better for bodyboarding. On Sunday the waves were 0.5 to 1 m lighter wind and better formation, much more rippable. 

How many competitions are there in the series?

Four. This one was in Santa Cruz (30 min south from peniche), and next ones are in: Peniche, Nazaré and Póvoa de Varzim.

We understand Pierre was given a wildcard into the contest, did you come up against him at all?

Yes, such an amazing rider. I surfed against him on my 1st and 3rd heat. I was always really focused on doing good, any mistake against PLC can cost you the comp.

Was surfing ever totally banned in Portugal during the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak earlier this year?
Are there currently any restrictions on surfing in Portugal?

Not really, just some advices on social distancing. 

The Autumn / Winter surf season is just starting to wake up in the Northern hemisphere, what are your keenness levels like for the coming swells?

Yeah really keen to chase some swells around the west coast and to score perfect Supertubos.

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