Revisionist History of the A.R.S. Update: Jacob Reeve.

Revisionist History of the A.R.S. Update: Jacob Reeve.

Cover Image: Joshua Shelly.

A few months ago we posted a story, delving into the slightly more complicated history of the Air Roll Spin than what had previously been reported by the bodyboarding media, which you can read here:

Revisionist History: The Air Roll Spin.

It seems that around the time Eppo conceptualized the move, other riders the world over were pulling the same move. One of those riders was Californian Jacob Reeve. At the time of the articles publishing Jacob was taking a little break from social media and missed our inquiring questions.

Well fear not Reeve freaks, we finally got a response from the man, which you can read below!

Jacob Reeves:

Yes, I was doing the ARS before I saw Eppo do them. It was about 6 months later that the movie came out with Eppo doing them for the first time… I think it was a Tom Boyle film and they went on a trip to the south pacific (Blast Off 3 ). I am not sure when Eppo first did them, whether they filmed that three months earlier or nine months earlier.

For me, I first conceptualized an ARS when I saw the movie by Scotty Carter “The Inside” where Chad Barba does a rollo and lands facing back toward the oceaan. I thought to myself ” He could have kept spinning” Then I went out and pulled one on my third try.

Many people often tell me they saw me doing them before they saw Eppo, but thats I think just Californians trying to claim it for me. I dont think it matters. I know Eppo invented them, and I know I did too.

Actually, this is a cool little tidbit of info, right after I started doing ARS’s, I entered this big surf contest in Santa Barbara at a pointbreak (All stand ups except one Bodyboard heat)

In the one heat, which was also the “final” I got a solid 6ft wave, did a roll, then this epic section came and I pulled my biggest ARS I had done to that point and then did an invert at the end section of that same wave.

The surfer judges went nuts and all gave me perfect 10s. Then at the end of the day they were giving out awards and I got the award for winning that little final, but then after all the surfers got their awards, they had the grand prize for the “best wave surfed of the day.”

All the surfers were talking about who might deserve it among each other, It was a Pro-am surf contest so there were high skill level surfer pros so I didn’t even think they would ever award something like that to me, being a bodyboarder.

Sure enough, when it came up they called my name and the surfer crowd were shocked.


My Bodyboarding friends all went nuts!

When the surfers complained, the judges said to the surfers, “sorry guys, the boogieboarder surfed the wave better than you.” Haha. One of the best moments of my Bodyboarding life and a big win for Bodyboarding our region.

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