Wacky Times.

Wacky Times.

By Dan Dobbin.

Ah postmodernism you wily witch.

Not content with undermining the foundational cornerstones of modern Western civilization like democracy, the rule of law, scientific investigation, central government and rational thought with your alternative facts, Identity politics, fake news, gender fluidity, do your own research, If nothing is true than anything can be as long as you believe it to be so philosophy, now your leeching in to undermining the bodyboarding world as well.

Pierre Louis Costes recently posted the above image of his extend, one armed roll on Instagram and posited with the question:

” Does the one handed roll have a future ?”

Of course it doesn’t. Don’t be silly.

We’ve just spent the better part of 40 years developing a collective understanding of the most efficient and effective ways to ride waves in a functional manner.  Weeded out the gimmicky and kooky to a point where there is an accepted foundational framework of good bodyboarding, based around the four pillars of speed, control, style and functionality.

Yet from the results of the poll however, it seems that I’m in the minority, with the vast majority of respondents chosing the “Yes” option.




One handed rolls have a future?

One handed rolls.

79% of respondents think this has a future?

If we accept that anything can be good riding, then nothing is bad riding. The old standards no longer apply. One handed rolls could be regarded as valid and as thrilling as full rotation air reverse, if only we accept it to be so.

So, what say you distinguished members of the jury?

Do we follow Derrida, Foucault and Baudrillard down the path of no absolutism, throw open the floodgates to one armed rolls, board twirls and 7-up’s?

Or do we cling doggedly to the old insitutions predicated on “functional” manoeuvre’s that have underpinned the advancement of bodyboarding performance levels thus far?

Are you team function or team fun?

Is the very soul of bodyboarding moving forward into the future dependent on which side of the philosophical divide we fall?

More as the story develops.

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