One Shot: Dane Skelcher.

One Shot: Dane Skelcher.

By Lilly Pollard.

Being afraid proves you’re alive and awake.

“When you’re surfing you’re not thinking about where you parked the car or what you’re going to do when you grow up or what you’re going to buy when you’ve got lots of money. You know, you’re just there. You’re in the moment. And I think in a contemporary world, that’s a rare privilege.” 

Tim Winton

The world is in a strange place right now. I feel for the kids at the moment.

Life as a 17 year old balancing work, friendships, ISO, love, self-love, inner demons and the outer societal and political and pandemical demons right now, I think it’s a bloody challenging time for groms.

Honestly though, Dane has one of the most natural gifts on a bodyboard I ever did see. And it’s out at Shark Island where he looks to truly come alive.

I’m just so grateful I get to spend time with these kids. We get to share the simple beauty of nature, the invigorating and the soul cleansing effects of the sea. We get to interacting with dolphins and whales, watching the sunrise and sunsets together.

I get to watch these kids challenge themselves in crazy waves, learning new moves and becoming more comfortable in the sea, and actually caring about the sea and it’s future.

This is all so rewarding for me.

Thanks guys,

Coach Lilly

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