Quick chats: Jacob Vandervelde.

Quick chats: Jacob Vandervelde.

Next up in our Quick chats series in Hawaiian shore break devote and all round hellman Jacob Vandervelde.

Image: Clark Little.

You’ve become synonymous over the last few years with shore break barrels, what is the attraction for you in of these waves?

Well, It started way back. We used to ride Keiki in 1994-1998 when Off The Wall was the spot to be. We would trek to Keiki and see Tom Boyle with Hauoli Reeves, Ben Holland, Ben Severson to name a few. Vince Cavataio and Brain Bielman was always there shooting as well. My grom days back then. So we’ve always ridden Keiki with our crew from Wahiawa and Mililani. 

Fast Forward a bit to 2010 where things got very interesting. Basically I’d been riding Pipeline / Backdoor and OTW the past decade or so. Keiki was our go to spot with no crowds and challenging Shore Break. 

To put it in perspective my attraction to all waves which includes Shore Break is the challenge of making the impossible wave. Along with pure adrenaline! Most waves at Keiki aren’t meant to be ridden.

Is it mainly Keiki shorebreak that you surf / shoot or do you have a few other secret gems as well?

We have many other gems we ride and shoot but when Keiki’s is on that is the spot. The other gems are usually going when Keiki is too big. But I prefer Keiki just because the wave itself controls the crowd. 

It seems like you shoot alot with Clark Little, how did that relationship develop?

I met Clark Little back in the 90’s. He was the only surfer riding Waimea shore break with us at that time. 

Years go by and I start seeing images from Keiki by Clark. This entire time I been riding Pipe and OTW paying dues making edits and so on. Basically trying to make a name for myself. 

2009-2010 we seen Clark at Keiki getting some nuts shots and begin thinking “Are they makeable?”

Come 2011 I started testing it out. I scored my first ad shot from Keiki for Custom X in 2010. A short time after, myself and Clark started linking up daily. Going on some gnarly waves that no one wanted. Pure adrenaline for me along with him. The froth levels exceed anything in my life. I was lucky enough to be part of a documentary movie produced by Peter King called Shorebreak. Myself, Andre Botha, Seabass, Jerrett Lau, Tedford Mahiko, and Tharin Rosa. So many crazy days we can’t even remember lost a bit of brain cells.

Are selective about the waves you chose to go, or is it just a matter of turn and charge?

For me I’m very selective. I’ve had some concussions happen in my day which I can explain a bit later. The mindset is to go on anything to have no fear but to have longevity with anything in life you have to be selective. Myself and Andre Botha are very similar with that mindset at Keiki.

Image: Clark Little.

What is the worst injury you’ve suffered while shorie surfing?

Well it wasn’t a huge day, but it seems it never is.

Basically I took off on a wave that had a side wave coming at me like a wedge. I scooped up perfectly and that side wave flew me into the vortex with extreme power. It was like getting whipped around on a 10ft Pipe wave, the craziest thing!

Next thing I know my knee hit the sand bottom with extreme force! It felt the bottom half of my body wasn’t functioning, like what the fuck just happen!

On further evaluation my left side leg was basically dangling. I tried floating up my leg and it was facing another direction!

The pain hasn’t set in yet because I was in survival mode with more waves coming. Luckily I had one of my close friends and world class bodyboarder Alistair Taylor in the line up.

I was just yelling help!!! 

He’s like what the fuck happen? I told him

” Bro you have to swim me in can’t feel my legs”.

Al went straight into beast mode giving me his board to hold on while he struggled to swim me in. A reminder when swimming with someone that has no capability to help they basically become dead weight, which Al was mentioning the entire time!

They dragged me up the sand as we waited for the lifeguards during this time the pain was so bad! The lifeguards took nearly 20 minutes, which felt like one hour for me.

Getting the ambulance was horrible as they gave me nothing for the pain and it was like riding in the back of a pick up truck.

Upon arrival at the hospital they said I dislocated the biggest bone in the body, my Hip on the left side. Of course they gave me pain meds then but the two bones was still grinding against each other because it was out of socket. The craziest pain that no one should feel. 

Fast forward to this horrible hospital experience they left my hip out for 7 hours! They couldn’t find a anesthesiologists.

My advice, don’t go to Wahiawa General Hospital!

I’ve had other injuries that include concussions and surgeries but I’ll save those tales for next time.

What does the body feel like after a few hours getting sand blasted?

The body is very beat!  Training can help offset the recovery time. We do use ice baths and sauna’s to heal faster for the next day or evening hours.

Image: Jacob Vandervelde.

Is your own photography something you take seriously or is it more of a hobby for you?

My own Photography is something I take very seriously but it is just a hobby to me. My biggest critic is myself and I love to post cool content.

I grade images A, B, or C.

Certain images are meant to post in the designated area. Right now Social Media platform are our resumes over magazine regardless of followers or likes. When someone browses your page they like seeing top notch content.

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