Quick Chats: Wazza Feinbeer.

Quick Chats: Wazza Feinbeer.

In our new series we fire some quick questions at some iconic or interesting characters from the bodyboarding universe. First up Cronulla’s legendary charger Warren Feinbeer.

 The Iconic helmet.

I have 2 canoe/white water rafting helmets and was initially inspired by the one and only famous Tom Carroll.

I watched a documentary on his surfing career once where he mentioned his sister being in a severe car accident and sustaining head injuries. This made him begin to make wearing a helmet part of his surfing life for protection.

My first purchase was made at a canoe camping store in Kogarah and the second was obtained at Taren point. My decision was easy on both purchases as I’ve had a very few close head collisions with the reef.

Why did I charge so hard.

I must blame some of my family history with my father from Germany as we know how extreme german sports people can be indeed. The other one of my reasons for pushing my body to the limits is purely because it’s inbuilt in my personal nature ie: “GO HARD OR GO HOME”. A quote that still stands in our family to this day!!!

The answer to this is pretty self explanatory from my surfing photo memorabilia on mostly lunatic waves.

My broken back still affects me today.

(Wazza broke his back in a wipe out at Shark Island when he was compressed between the lip and the reef in the mid-90’s)

It sits in the back of your head on similar waves when things get serious. Just subconsciously.

I get nearly constant pains day in day out from it, but it’s just something I’ve learnt to deal with.

I walk dogs morning and evening for a total of 2 to 3 hrs and do a workout in a home gym for 30mins a day as well to keep it under control.

I will need surgery one day as my discs are nearly completely gone so maybe it will be fused or new synthetic discs inserted. My right hip is out of alignment too so that needs to be pinned as well.

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